Thursday, February 16, 2017

On Sarahah

A social media fad hit Lebanon this week. It will probably fade as fast as it rose.

Basically, is the passive-aggressive anonymous comments section of a blog, but without the blog. The issue here, however, is that it claims that your identity as you leave someone a comment is kept secret. It is not. Your IP address is most definitely logged alongside the comment on the server hosting this platform. It's actually the law in many countries. So while the blogless blog owner might not see your identity. The founder of the site, which looks like a one-Saudi man operation, most likely has access to the identity of the commenters. More importantly, he cannot guarantee he can keep it secret.

Anyway, I know most see it as harmless fun. So no need to be a party-pooper. Just know it's not safe.

Feel free to leave me passive aggressive anonymous messages here. They will not be published, but I will be able to see them on my comment moderation screen. I won't have access to your IP address, but definitely has.