Thursday, October 06, 2005

Truly Lebanese Products that are Actually World Class.

While Lebanese people like to brag that everything that comes out of Lebanon is the BEST. Most of it is crap. Also we like to take credit for things that aren’t really local products, but there are a few things that come out of here that are Excellent.
Here’s what I have seen so far that this Country can be truly proud of (I will add to this list as I discover more things):

Patchi Chocolates: Patchi sugar-free milk chocolate is the best thing my taste buds ever felt.
Massaya Wines and Arak: These Ghosns sure know their grapes.
Grapes: I’m no expert but I’ve read that Lebanon has the best soil and weather for vineyards.
Hasheesh: see Above.
Conserves Chtaura Products: Excellent Jams, I’m addicted to their strawberry jam.
Haifa Wehbe’s Boobs: Whether surgically enhanced or not these are top notch.
Basketball: with no facilities, money, or support. Back to back World Cup appearances and Second place finishes in Asia are very impressive.
Elie Saab: from local sewing machines to a top name in Hollywood dresses is quite an accomplishment.
Lunch: A Lebanese Lunch is a whole day event, the way it should be. McDonald’s’s evil concept has caused immeasurable damage to society.
Hallab sweets: While there is a wide range of Lebanese sweets, the northern variety is by far the best. Halawet el Jebn, Znoud el Set, and Knafe are my top 3. (Technically Hallab and his Sweets pre-date Lebanon, as a newspaper clipping from the 1880’s on their wall shows. It lists the address as Trablous, Al-Sham)

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