Monday, September 03, 2007

Presidents, Victories, and Paternity tests….

So many events with little time to comment but I’ll try to briefly cover all major events…

Haifa has a new video out.

Next we move on to the Presidential elections. A common trait among the major candidates that does not endanger national unity is their hair insecurity. Aoun’s comb over is still going strong even with only 3 hairs left to cover the whole territory on top. Having a full head of hair does not make Boutros Harb anymore secure about his looks than the balding General. Despite a history of political grayness, his stance on his hair is unwavering. Harb will live and dye Black. More on the subject later…

Rabih Mroueh’s “How Nancy wished everything was just an April’s fools joke” was shown in Beirut in its entirety and endangering national unity after all. MBC television cameras were there to capture the public reaction to this victory over censorship. Yes the same MBC that censors Raymond kissing Deborah. Back to “Nancy”; it’s a shame that it got all this press for the wrong reasons because this superbly written act is the best thing to hit the Beirut stage since the Lebanonization of Eric Emmanuel Schmitt’s Enigma Variations.

Finally, the military operations stage of the Naher El Bared ordeal is finally over. The politicians are all calling for uncovering the truth behind Fatah El Islam as they all think it will provide them with ammo against their foes. Of course, nothing will come out of these calls as we are in Lebanon where investigations are avoided because they endanger national unity. The only way we can find out who really was behind the funding and nurturing of Fatah El Islam is to resort to Maury Povich. Here I’m picturing Saad, 34, high-fiving the audience and being held back from Wiam, 40 some: “Told you @#$%^ I ain’t their @#$%^ sugar daddy, HO, HO, you @#%%# @$%#^ HO!!”


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

the victory of the lebanese army over the thugs is being celebrated as the most wonderful of victories, because it is seen as a victory that has united the lebanese. but at what price? the destruction of nahr el-bared is shock and awe that gives lessons to george bush. some would say that it is un-lebanese to speak about the destruction. it is not anti-lebanese to feel disgusted at the complete destruction of an entire society: nahr el-bared was home to 30 thousand civilians, four generations who have lived there since 1948. this is the second time that they are expelled and their home utterly destroyed, after they were expelled from falasteen.

to assume that they deserve this because as palestinians they harbored fateh-el-shaytan is a racist hateful mentality. that is like saying it was ok for israel to compeletely destroy civilian life in south lebanon because they were fighting hizballah, or to say that it was ok for oun and gaegae to destroy christian civilian areas because the civilians were harboring the other side, or to say that it is ok to destroy iraqi neighborhoods in their entirety because alqaeda hides in their midst. to support the civilians of nahr elbared and feel bad for their loss of their home does not mean support for fateh-el-shaytan.

think about it this way: who is most elated and joyful today at the complete destruction of nahr elbared? fascists such as hurras-el-arz who openly avow the killing of all palestinians in lebanon. if you feel with hurras-el-arz, then that reveals a great deal about the psyche of many lebanese.

Anonymous said...

It is not their home. They are guests. We have not been the greatest of hosts, but frankly they have not been the greatest of guests.

This would have never happened if the Palestinians did their job in the camps. Why did they let them come into the camp? Why did they not try to get rid of them? Why did they not warn the government earlier?

Furthermore, the Palestinians continue to harbor the world's terrorists in their camps. Why do we have to put up with it? Enough is enough.

These thugs came and attacked civilians and Lebanese soldiers. The Lebanese army suffered great losses because they allowed for the evacuation of the Palestinian civilians. This allowed the thugs to regroup and even re-arm. So stop your crocodile tears.

The number of civilians killed is immensely small given the task at hand.

Last but not least these people will be rehoused, once again, and once again it will be at the cost of Lebanese.

But guess what, they shouldn't be rehoused. They should be permanently settled in Syria, Jordan or Egypt. We have paid enough, it is time to pay us back now, and the bill is huge.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

i doubt that the lebanese government will actually rebuild like it promises.

and why syrian, jordan or egypt? why not back to their homeland?

Anonymous said...

They don't have to rebuild, but they will, and with the help of some countries they will invest in pre fabricated housing structures. But what for? they should get deported.

Back to their homeland? They don't want to go back to their homeland! At least their leaders have done everything to make sure that their people stays in a perpetual state of disenfranchisement.

And they can to Syria or Jordan or Egypt, where the confessional balance of the country won't be harmed like it is being harmed in Lebanon.

We paid dearly, enough is enough. Get out.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

anonymous, i don't think your rage will get anywhere, and i don't think the government will ever follow through with anything.

Jamal said...

NET! First Serve

JoseyWales said...

ibn bint,

I suppose when Hezbo decided to kill 3 Israeli soldiers behind the border and kidnap 2 others that was OK with you, even though 1500 Lebanese died and we had $10 billion in destruction.

But when the NATIONAL army has 27 soldiers slaughtered for no reason and a gang is loose bent on attacking the state and our citizens, what is your solution?

Wait and leave then alone in the camps so they can re-arm and further spread mayhem? Like they did numerous times in the past, including the killing of 4 judges in Saida, and a topographer in the Bekaa (Mohamed Ismail) and a soldier in Naameh etc.

If the population and/or the palestinian authorities inside the camps can't take care of security, TOUGH!

M Bashir said...

“Told you @#$%^ I ain’t their @#$%^ sugar daddy, HO, HO, you @#%%# @$%#^ HO!!”

hohoho, brilliant. I'll say it again:

“Told you @#$%^ I ain’t their @#$%^ sugar daddy, HO, HO, you @#%%# @$%#^ HO!!”

can't get enough, heheheee

poshlemon said...


I like your sarcasm.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

josey wal,

your sentences are not without deceit, nor are your alliances. you defend the zionists, then vindicate them from the blood of those 1500 whose blood you so readily exploit.

we lebanese do not have to choose between the legacy of saad haddad, etienne_saqr, bashir gemayel, antoine lahad, samir gaegae on the one hand, or fateh-el-jhannam on the other.

we do not have to choose between americanized zionist-minded orientalist superiority that says TOUGH to thousands of palestinian civiliancs, or fateh-el-jhannam on the otherr.

we choose something better than all of that.

we choose to claim our own dignity for ourselves, by ourselves, as well as the dignity of our palestinian brothers.

tigermarks said...

Ibn Bint Jbeil,

Give us a break! Where were you when Lebanon in its entirety was being destroyed thanks to Hezbollah's decision to attack Israel. You ask at what cost? Please remember just a year ago and ask yourself at what cost?

As for teaching Bush lessons, Naher El-Bared was relatively mild compared to US and Israeli methods. Its obvious you are just eager to condemn the government. The fact remains that Hezbollah also supported how the camp was dealt with, though I am sure to their supporters they were busy muttering that this was un-Lebanese and that it was the government that funded those thugs in the first place.

Spare us your sudden sense of pity for the Palestinians.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

SUDDEN? you know me so well!

what are you going to buy me for my birthday?

JoseyWales said...

Ibn bint,

we choose to claim our own dignity for ourselves, by ourselves, as well as the dignity of our palestinian brothers.

That's exactly the problem. Your kind (those who "feel" like you) want to shove Palestine down my throat by force.

I am your countryman and yet you want to be closer to the Palestinian.

So stop telling me your nation is Lebanon. Go ask your Palestinian buddy which is your nation.

And while you are at it, how about rebuilding Bint Jbeil before rebuilding Nahr Tizi.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

josey wales, you keep devulging deeper aspects of what is in your heart. such sentiments do not make for good countrymen.