Monday, November 26, 2007

Say Cheese!

Today is day 1017 in search of the truth, day 361 of the opposition's sit in, and day 3 of Fouad I's reign.

Saudi Arabia doesn't really want to attend, but it doesn't want to go against Arab consensus. Syria also thinks this conference is a failure but it will show up to keep with the Arab consensus. His Majesty is sending a delegate even though he still sheds tears for the victims of Israeli barbarism. You know why? Because of Arab Consensus. Arab public opinion is strongly opposed to free concessions and the unbiased mediator role of the US. Can someone explain to me what the heck is this Arab consensus they speak of?

Now if you average the approval ratings of the regimes attending this conference, you'll get a number below the Mendoza line. The American in me is coming out with obscure baseball references, but I'm just trying to say they ain't very popular. Still, they aim to achieve a collective boost in popularity out of this orgy since it can not deliver anything of substance.

Some are worried that the Arab Dictatorships will be seen as openly isolating any opposition to Israel in the region. Well, when they were already openly in support of Israel in summer of 2006, and they are openly turning a blind eye to the collective punishment of Gazapolis; how's a little handshake and photo op with Tzipi Livni going to hurt.

Peace can only be conceived in a healthy host with lively seeds. Those trying to artificially induce their promised "birth pangs" have to face the fact that they are sterile and surrounded by a bunch of limps.


M Bashir said...


Anonymous said...

Yih shtaknela hayde tante birth pangs. Bass Kouchner is so much cuter with that clueless air about him. Yalla, bukra mish mtawwleen tayirja3o killon sawa, it's almost time for another round.
Oh, and Arab consensus is exactly like the presidential candidate consensus, nothing but a midsummer night's dream.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

this round seems to have the least expectation of all previous bullshit rounds, unless there is some new senario being cooked up in the back kitchen for monsieur abbas, given that we've been blessed with
THIS BEAUTY of a precursor.

poshlemon said...

I think it's just a silly attempt. Nothing will come out of it other than the fact that the US and Israel will appear as if they are trying their best whilst the Arabs are the reluctant savages, the ones who enjoy bloodshed, wars, terrorism, and instability in the region. Yeah right.