Wednesday, January 09, 2008


x + y + z = u

x < u/2

y < u/3

x > y > z

x + y + z + u ≤ 0

x ∩ y = Ф

x U y = 235U

u= √-1

Find x,y,z,u

Bonus: Find Michel Nayla Mouawad


M Bashir said...

Michel Nayla Mouawad was withdrawn from the market to be fitted with an updated version of what 'wilayet el faqih' is after his old record on the subject was broken and kept repeating the same bad tune.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

you lost me after line 4.
a3teena 3amal rasm ya isteez, 7aji 7seb w i3rab w istizhar. ra7 yto2 rasi.

Super Dude said...

Is it the new tirkibeh for the cabinet?

Looks like it.

Jad said...

That's easy it's the fourth line, the "z" would be his IQ compared to normal population...!

Kodder said...

I can solve it :P.

x = aktrarieh
y = mo3arada
z = wala hon, wala hon...negligeable :P
u= root of impossible case... byizmat el balad

since x interseciton y is nothing in common between them.

didnt undestand the 235U

zerolando said...

U235 is the new version of the german U Boat :P

Nirvana said...

235U ... as in the chemical element Uranium.