Monday, December 29, 2008

Return of the Savages-day 3

Israel continues to bomb blindly further proving that having the latest murder technology is not enough to cover for military incompetence. A university campus, mosques, and a TV station were the latest targets. Palestinians will continue to learn, pray, and that station continues to broadcast. So the Israeli armed gangs continue to reap death and destruction, but zero military gains. The longer Palestinians in Gaza hold on and they will persevere, the more the incompetence of Israeli military is exposed. 

There is no question Israel under the wise leadership of Olmert, Livni and Barak will come out of this round having lost on many fronts. Militarily it can only kill indiscriminately Its insatiable blood thirst is being beamed live into homes around the globe further exposing its barbaric nature. Meanwhile politically, they risk losing historic gains they've made with their Arab allies. No doubt Israel's cooperation with the two Abdallahs, Hashem and Saud, will continue in a not so covert manner. However, the longer these massacres continue the more trouble the Arab dictators will have in openly push naturalization efforts. In 2006, we saw how Mubarak, the Sauds, and the Hashems panicked after Israel failed to finish off Hezbollah. They scurried with their damage control efforts by trying to outbid others in the process of erasing the traces of the crime they took part in.  No doubt they will do the same in Gaza. 

As  for Israel's Palestinian collaborators, the war on Gaza should be the end of an already frail Abou Mazen. The charade called Annapolis has reached an unceremonious end, and the Israelis will have trouble finding another Palestinian "peace partner", willing to risk as much as Abbas. 

The number of deaths has reached 310 in 48 hours...1400 injured...


frenchy said...

330 casualities, 1450 injured since u finished this post and more to come unfortunatly.

Anonymous said...

Not blindly my friend, but with pinpoint accuracy, targetting Hamas buildings and infrastructures.

Antoun said...

The silence of the so-called leader of the Arab world, Saudi Arabia, has been deafening.

I take it Bin Laden just received a list of 1000 more young Saudi men willing to blow themselves up?

And how long can Mubarak keep a restive 75 million Egyptians from toppling him?

Jordan's king decided to donate blood, how heroic!

Anonymous said...

the last operation in gaza is very disturbing.

i am also disturbed from that clip i just saw on youtube:

Marion Delgado said...

like the americans in yugoslavia, i think they preferentially target media outlets. in yugoslavia, i should say, and in iraq and afghanistan and ..