Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As tempting as it is to delve into the campaign platforms with which the political palette plans to undertake the next parliamentary, I will continue to pass on the subject. No economic policy, talk, job creation, rights, services... I will stick with my earlier assertion that these upcoming elections will have a negligible effect on the political fate of this country.

Also as much fun as it would be to rate the performance of the incumbents, and whether they we need their talents around for 4 more years, I will pass. I will not review the voting record of Elie Beik Skaff on vital legislations, even though he is the only member of parliament I can name from my electoral district. Ok, I lied, there's that tall very Zahlawi-sounding Aoun dude. Well, I'm sure they deserve to be re-elected. Sure, they elected an unconstitutional president, and gave away my vote of confidence to two Siniora led cabinets. On second thought, I don't think they gave Siniora's first run a confidence vote, but they must have been so impressed with that cabinet's performance that they corrected their mistake in round 2. It doesn't matter anyways.

Now if you live in Beirut or in Metn, please do participate. Sorry, I lied again, make that if you vote in Beirut or in Metn. Not because it matters, but because you must make sure that Mohammad Amin Itani and Camille Khoury get re-elected. There is absolutely no way their public service so far warrants a lifetime retirement salary for them and their dependents. So we should make them earn these benefits by at least having them going through the motions for a full term.

I never finished reading Saramago's Seeing. I think I will. Now that was an interesting election process.


bech said...

funny as ever!
I particularly like the concept of re-electing someone because his very uselessness, so as not to give him the possibility of sitting at home and getting retirement money. At least get his driver to take him to the parliament. There he can meet people he'd never have the occasion to meet otherwise. It can always be instructive. no?

Tarek said...

Dude why aren't you writing more.. Your blog is amusing, but you've been silent for a couple of months now... Lack of inspiration!?!? Are our dearly beloved politicians not providing you with enough?!?!