Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ramadan Drama

Following Ramadan TV dramas requires too much commitment. You have to reserve a certain hour of your evening for that specific purpose and you can't take any days off not even weekends until the end of the month. IF that's not feasible you have to look elsewhere for your Drama fix. The justice page in Al-Akhbar has been catering to those deprived of TV Ramadan dramas. Take the saga of Abboudi Al Ammouri for example.

Yesterday his father, Fayez Al-Ammouri, went to report this 12 year old kid from Mekseh, Zahleh missing. So the police are on it, ad we hope they find this this missing child. You don't have to wait long to discover the fate of Abboudi.
If you scroll down to the 5h news item on the SAME page of Al-Akhbar there is a report that an ocean rescue unit was called to the Qab Elias lake, just next to Mekseh, to retrieve a body after it was CONFIRMED that Abdul Hay Fayez Al Ammouri, aged 12, has drowned there.

Tragic ending to this fast developing story; too tragic to make fun of an editing gaff in a newspaper. Except there is a twist to the story. Today, one day later, in Al-Akhbar you read this. The father, Fayez Al Ammouri, retracts the missing child report filed earlier as someone found the dead child, age 12, alive and lost in the groves of Qab Elias. "Sources" tell Al-Akhbar that the kid is in good mental and physical health and that he probably ran away because he was scolded by his parents.

Happy ending as a dead child resuscitates and reunites with family. Except that anyone familiar with Qab Elias cannot possibly buy the "lost" story. You cannot get geographically flatter than this Bekaa valley village, with reference points such as eastern and western mountain ranges clearly visible from any point in town. So there's surely another twist in this story awaiting on page 11 of tomorrow's Al-Akhbar.

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