Monday, November 09, 2009

Hajj Ponzi does the Cabinet

Elie Beik Skaff is gone.....but he will not be missed.

Elie Beik's shoes are hard to fill, but when Saad Hariri and Hassan Nasrallah work hand in hand everything is possible. Ok...Ok, we're talking about Elie Beik here, so the effort wasn't just a national one. Replacing Elie Beik Skaff required the regional rapprochement between Syria and Saudi Arabia with the Nobel Peace prize winner giving the green light.

All the stars lined up right to bring Hussein Hajj Hassan into the Ministry of Agriculture to replace the legend of Elie Beik Skaff.
Yes...the same Hussein Hajj Hassan who handed his money to Salah Ezzedine for the promise of a 40% return on his investment.

I don't know about you but I'm going down tomorrow morning to the ministry of agriculture to sell them my magic coins that grow into money trees...


Qifa Nabki said...


Delirious said...

As a friend so rightly put it:

LILILILILILI! After months of stalling and the Opposition's ridiculous demands, we finally have a government! Hezbollah got 'agriculture', which means our weed is safe.


moussa said...

hahahaaa magic coins heheheee :-D

Jad said...

So Jamal is Dr. Fatfat really your idol ?