Sunday, April 17, 2011

Labor Unions are big business

Last week, the elections of Lebanon's Order of Engineers took place. You know the people with that black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow sticker on their car. It was pretty clear why the Hariri's future movement would invest a lot of resources in making sure this labor union answers to them. After all, Hariri is one of the biggest investors in the real estate sector in Lebanon and naturally he might need some favorable regulations to carry the Order's signature. What best way to guarantee that signature than making sure a party loyalist is the one who controls the ink well.

It turns out the Future campaign was one 737 load short and Michel Aoun's candidate won. Aoun celebrated very enthusiastically and I couldn't understand why. It couldn't have been just the political victory over a fast decaying movement, the General was too happy for this particular feat.... and then as I strolled down the alleyways of Beirut I found the answer....

Move over Solidere, there's a new real estate tycoon in town.
...and Yes, I just wanted an excuse to post this picture.


Moussa Bashir said...

mabrouk w allah y wafi2 :)

Gideon Mathson said...
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