Thursday, March 18, 2010

حصل منذ لحظات

المشهد - صباح يوم ممطر في شارع الحمراء

سيدة مقعدة في كرسي متحرك: النويري؟

سائق السرفيس: تاكسي...

السيدة المقعدة: لا ليش تاكسي... سرفيس... بس عالنويري...

السائق: شو بدّك إيّاني إنزل وشيل وعتــّلـّك هالكرسي ببلاش...

السيدة: الله يسامحك....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More (or less) than a cool ass name

Ok, I'll revive this blog for a shameless plug.
Shankaboot is out.

It is being billed as the first Arabic Web Drama. Although, personally I would've taken a different marketing approach. Being first gives you a carte blanche to claim all the superlatives so why stop at First?
It's the Best damn Arabic Web drama out there.
It's the most watched Arabic Web Drama out on the world wide web.
It's the smartest, funniest, most action packed Arabic web drama in the cyber world.
Of course this works both ways, as it is also the absolute worst Arabic Web Drama on the market today.

Before I go any further, there needs to be a disclaimer here. I worked on this project as I was one of the writers on the team that developed the original script. So I might be a little biased for this masterful work of modern visual storytelling.

But, then again I was fired off the project so I might actually hold a grudge against the producers of this trashy piece of junkaboot.

Clearly, my conflicting emotions prevent me from providing an objective review. So, check it out and judge for yourselves.

Here's the First Episode...