Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the 25th of this year...

This memory is supposed to be joyful... Land and people liberated from brutal Israeli occupation is definitely worth remembering as it is no small feat, specially as it is an unfinished job... A step towards the end of an apartheid state that has plagued the region for decades.
What changed this year is that the question of the chicken or the egg arose. Along with the Israel came a crop of dictators that piggy-backed on the Palestinian cause into iron fist rule. Historically, the priority seemed to always be Israel first then the dictators. Today, there's no reason not to think that they can't go hand in hand. Check that, they can only go hand in hand. With that said; May 25, 2000 and February 11, 2011 go hand in hand. These dates while significant and worthy of celebrating are nothing but steps along the way towards complete liberation.
It's still a long road ahead, and for many reasons it's hard to be joyful today...
However, it's a happy memory and should continue to be so and not allowed to be hijacked by opportunists and conspiracy theorists.

Happy resistance and liberation.... and freedom day.