Tuesday, September 27, 2005

If a bomb goes off in Beirut and nobody hears it, does it make a noise?

I'll have a hard time believing there is a more noise polluted city than Beirut. Here's a typical afternoon: Cabs Honking trying to hunt passengers, Cars honking at cabs to move, Drivers cussing over the honking, 700 Mosques serenely calling for prayer, 700 "other" mosques calling for prayer 10 minutes later because they can't agree with the first 700 mosques when NOON is, sirens of cops not really in an emergency, sirens of regular cars being cool, sirens of a motorcade of a member of the chamber of commerce, sirens of the motorcade of his wife, Church bells, vegetables sellers screaming over their bullhorns, ditto for fish sellers, "kaak" and brioche bikes (the Lebanese ice cream trucks), a maid screaming in pain cause her master is beating her, Cops on bullhorns telling cars that are triple parked to move even if the driver is not in the car, eminem wannabes blasting their hip hop, airplanes landing and taking off, loose metal crackling on roofs, power generators, dogs barking, cats meowing, people arguing politics, old men fighting over a game of backgammon, and Car Bombs.

Those are only the noises I can make out, I wouldn't venture to guess what the other things you hear could be.

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