Thursday, September 29, 2005

"In The Battle Fields"

Knowing how hard for local talents to put together a quality project due to all the obstacles they face, I was cheering for this movie to be good. Well it wasn’t. It was very disappointing. “Gimmicky” is description that best fits it. It started as a cheap knock off of “West Beirut” and it got worse from there. It was a collage of a bunch of gimmicks that freshman film students usually attempt. “Artistic” camera shots the kind that someone with a new handycam would attempt on a vacation video. Throw in a few taboos like using sharmouta in every sentence and a couple of sex scenes (with an ugly chick to boot). If the uninteresting storyline and the cliché characters weren’t enough, the movie also comes with the cheesiest soundtrack. One thing I’ll give the director credit for is that she was able to sell someone the idea that this movie was going to be watchable.

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