Friday, May 25, 2007

Arguile Smoking Security

With the terror bombing campaign touring the country, extraordinary measures have been taken to ensure safety. Now there's a personal approach and perception of what safety constitutes.

On any given friday night, Lebanese youth were always faced with the above choices. Often a 50-50 choice, but these days it has skewed right. For others who refuse these two choices, staying home and away from windows to wait it out is the way to go.

Personally, the sight of bomb sniffing dogs giving an all clear made me feel at ease until I read that sniffing ain't very effective in noisy (check), dusty (check), gusty, (check), and crowded (check) areas. Damn you google.

So now I trust my arguile puffing, dozen strong, neighborhood citizen patrol that keeps vigil on this street everynight and we all know how arguiles boost sensory alertness.

Feeling safe? Now, pop the champagne and celebrate the 7th anniversary of liberation.

Happy RESISTANCE* and Liberation day.

*Capped and bolded for all the playa haters out there.

Disclaimer: 2007 pictures are mine, 2000 pictures are stolen off the internet. I think it was the BBC site.


What is "Occupation" said...

Greetings from the South & America...

Please have a nice safe & free country, this does include having hezbollah return our soldiers that were kidnapped.

Otherwise Fight the terrorists within your borders, you will not find us.... (unless iran opps, hezbollah decides the time is right to use anyone of their 16,000 rockets on us)

M Bashir said...

Happy RESISTANCE and Liberation day indeed. Joining you: RESISTANCE RESISTANCE RESISTANCE RESISTANCE and Liberation day.

Anonymous said...

happy RESISTANCE and liberation day:)

vrai14mars said...

Happy Shebaa Farms invention and resistance business continuity day!

Alor said...

May your stalking arguiles RESIST, as RESISTING the stance,
the stanza, al-bayt where to be-ing, being convivente, being resistindo, yester as seven years ago as to-day, as always PRESENTing

For Real a beacon of light to the mundo, Líbano;

Whirling RESISTANCE, Jamal et al,

Abraço d'al-Bortuqal

Anonymous said...

I love those pics from 2000. you can palpate the happiness and relief that people are expressing.

Nouj said...

“The history of liberty is a history of resistance.” Wilson

عقبال الفرحة الكبيرة.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

happy RESISTANCE and liberation day!!

raghm anf all the haters who still cannot admit to themselves that society has been shuffled and they will never go back to the days of their elitist superiority.