Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Army Post

For the 24 th consecutive day, the Lebanese army has secured and completely controled the Samed and Cooperative positions of Abu Jureij's Pro-Syrian Pro-Hariri UnPalestinian terrorist gang phenomenon group thing. I'm a bit confused since by my understanding of the term "complete control" you do not to assert it everyday three times a day after meals. But what do I know, I'm no military expert. The closest I came to becoming a soldier was when I was refused boarding a plane once because according to Lebanon's official government records; one of my sisters was actually my brother, thus unexempting me from service.

Don't get me wrong, I am pro-Army. I am Pro-Martial law. Especially since the alternative seems to be Militia and feudal law. After a rusty start to their assertion of power campaign, the army has started getting it right. Monday night, 2 men were arrested alive after lobbing a hand grenade at an army checkpoint. That's a long way from the trigger happiness of a couple of weeks ago when an unarmed pregnant woman was shot dead in Badaro, and 3 unarmed men and 2 civillian aircrafts were gunned down near the airport. Definitely satisfactory progress is being displayed when it comes to shooting disicpline and aim.

I'm not the only one seeing this record improvement in performance by the army. Some people whose politics differ slightly from mine have expressed newfound trust in the army. On January 23rd, 2007 at 8:00 am, that would be in the early morning, a Samir Geagea declared that the army is incapable of maintaining order, and issued a fatwa to his followers to take things into their own bats. Now fast forward 5 months to May 21st of the same 2007 and you'll see that the same army that he didn't think was capable of moving a few Orange clad geeks off the street, was now in his eyes capable of controlling Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.

An Explosion at Sporting beach club just shook this building... back in a bit.


Mustapha said...

So what's your point jamal?

that the army should put its weapons down and surrender to a few thugs you somehow think are Al-qaeda?

Or maybe after a "national unity government" they will surrender on their own?

instead of trying to make joke out of a serious situation, why don't you for a change think: why did they kill a march14 member now?

The Lebanese Connection said...

Numbers Mustapha, Numbers.

If it doesn't pass in the parliament, then it does not exist. Even the Syrians play by the rules of the game, which March 14 seem to be totally neglecting lately.

I think that the biggest mistake done by March 14 is sideline Aoun. He could have been a great asset, instead of a foe for power. Aoun can put Syria and Hizbullah in a weak position, but, they might target him if he does so. He would probably care less though if the cards are played right. After all, he hates the Syrians probably more than March 14.

Jamal said...

Bou Stef,

I understand your anger, and missing the humor in the post now. I wasn't expecting another cowardly assassination when i started typing. You know how close I am to the blast so you can imagine my state of mind right now.

May they rest in Peace, and may the killers for once be uncovered and punished.

Blacksmith Jade said...


Everybody knows who's behind the assassinations, whether they want to admit to themselves or not!

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows whose behind the killings...But everybody thinks it is the Syrians!!
So what!? Are you gonna keep on pointing at them, just like in school, until every parlementary is dead, or your gonna do something about it?

hilal said...

*everybody*? and *knows*?

Shou bitakkso 3andak?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

stabs in the dark.

allah ynawwirha.