Friday, February 29, 2008

Libertad, Libertad!

Overheard on April 14th, 1961 at Cafe Versailles, Eighth Street, Miami, FL

-Oye Doña, un cortadito por favor. Make it special, it'll be my last one in this country.

- What do you mean last one, Chico.

-Listen Jacinto, we can't go wrong.

-What if...

- No what ifs, no nothing. We will go in through the Bay go straight up the hill. Once we're on the hilltop Fidel will have nowhere to go but to jump in the sea.

- I don't know, Men. Can we do that alone.

- We will not be alone man, that's the beauty of it. The Gringos will bomb Fidel by air, to open the way for us. Señor Jon Jon senior promised us support. The Gringos already deployed 3 warships to cover our butts. It'll be over in a week. Even the prisons are ready, we just need the prisoners.

- A week, chico!?


This post is dedicated To Ahmad El Assaad, Dory Chamoun, and their other cute little playpals.


Anonymous said...

:)& :(
will we ever learn !!

smart post


JFK's Ghost said...

check out what the wanker at is saying! he's fucking happy about it... treason runs deep these days

Mustapha said...


porque no dices a JFK que el wanker es el.

JFK's Ghost said...

are you or are you not happy about the US navy sending a warship to our waters and meddle in our affairs, regardless of the childish equation you use "well mommy hizbollah got iranian weapons so we should also get american weapons" :'(
hizbollah is fighting israel and you are stabbing them in the back, just look at what's happening in gaza???? who's the real enemy? has iran ever done anything of the sort ? they may have imperialist ambitions LIKE ANY OTHER NATION but israel is the real bully. this kind of reasoning makes you a big big wanker in my book, moustapha, if not a closeted traitor.

angelakhater said...

jfk, this guy mustapha is clueless. he is a disgrace. you can hear the glee in his voice as he posts about the destroyers. who do you think helped him establsih his blog and design it?

btw, there is a site called which links to all the right wing media and bloggers in lebanon (this slapdick, the LF, a bunch of other clueless blogs). they used to link to this blog, but whenever a comment like yours arises, they remove the link.

Nadim said...

jfk's ghost,

You say: "hizbollah is fighting israel and you are stabbing them in the back...".

I'm not ambivalent to what Israel is doing, but frankly, we as Lebanese, don't have the responsibility nor the resources to do anything more than voice our concerns and obviously refuse to recognize or deal with Israel. But that, my dear ghost, is as far as we should go, for anything more and we risk the stability and future of our own country. Unfortunately, this is the path we have chosen to follow and it has destroyed us.

You call Moustapha a traitor, but a traitor to whom? The Palestinians? The Arabs? Islam? When will you and your brainwashed bretheren cherish Lebanon over all these? You can support these foreign causes without destroying the ground you call home. Why don't you go fight in Gaza, orvprotest at Israeli embassies, etc...? Why don't you do something useful instead of just getting in the way and dragging all of us down with you? If you want to see a traitor, take a good look in the mirror.

Salem said...

قصتنا نزهة ريفية ممنوعة ومش قانونية
من تركيا وحكم فرنسا وحكم الصيغة اللبنانية
خلصنا من التركي وتتريكو اجت فرنسا سايكس بيكو
قسمونا بيكو وشريكو خلقوا الدولة الصهيونية
والزعما اللي أخدوا بلعة كل راعي طايفتو شلعا
بدل الوطن الحر القلعة نصبوا خيام الطائفية
منها الظلم اللي ما منريدوا
ماضي أسود سيفو بإيدو
كنا نحنا من مواليدو
ولا منرضى التاريخ يعيدو
ولما انهزّوا اجرين الكرسي جابوا كل الدول الشرسة
وربطوا الكرسي بنيو جرسي وبالمتعددة الجنسية

Marcel Khalife

JFK's Ghost said...

nadim jmayyel,

First of all, i called him a closted traitor and a wanker, not exactly a traitor. what i meant by closeted is that he is one step closer to being one.

Second of all, i have learned that a discussion with you people, who follow this faulty reasoning which equates the enemy with friends, is useless. I really don't have the time nor energy to try to convince you of my point of view, and i dont think you will ever convince me of your point of view. the dichotomy between us is beyond repair and the gap is bridgeless. our disagreement will not be settled until the dust has cleared and the victor is known on the battlefield. the american civil war was fought over slavery and taxation. there's no shame for us to have a civil war based on moral position and complicity with the enemy. there is no shame for us to have a civil war based on who wants to adopt the causes of this nation that transcends the utter tinyness of lebanon and it's insignificance as a homeland, and who wants to live their lives wanking to the success stories of clubbing in monot, skying and going to the beach in just one day. and oh yeah, i'm brainwashed and proud of it. bring it on, bitch

Jana said...

Why is it that all you Syria haters seem to forget that it was the US who handed us over to the in the first place, like the cheap bargaining chip we are? Do you REALLY believe that the US is going to all this trouble because they care about such abstract and valueless things like democracy and freedom?
Trust me, they will discard us like a used condom the second they have what they want from Syria.
And in any case, Syria has everything to gain from a stable Lebanon. It's a lot easier to steal from a profitable country, and Lebanon provides things for Syria that it can't get by itself. To Israel on the other hand, a healthy economy in Lebanon is direct competition and therefore a threat.
I don't know whether you're extremely naive or are profiting in some way from taking sides with US/Israel, but either way you disgust me.

abou el-3abed said...

2008 = 1983

mustapha dont know math.