Friday, July 16, 2010

Another attempt to get it up

Now is a good time to resume posting in this blog. All indications are that something major is going to happen soon in the region and I don't want to jump back in the game without warming up first. As a matter of fact, at my age I'll be risking tearing or dislocating something if don't gradually ease back into action. Heck, I'm already out of breath since this is already twice or thrice as long as the longest tweet I've ever had.

There are many major events taking place that will shape the region for the coming years: Nuclear technology in a country that still stones people to death, fake anger and empty threats by a country whose citizens were murdered by Israel, the death of a tyrant and Israel's strongest Arab friend, and the opening of a Louis Vuitton shop in a mall in Beirut.

Saad Hariri actually made a brief trip to Beirut for that last event. By the way, I know a lot of people still can't believe it, but Saad Hariri is the Prime Minister of a good chunk of Beirut.

Of course, the opening of this accessories shop fades in comparison to the opening last month of the newest Karkhaneh in the famous Zaytouneh district, where the whole roster of Lebanese dignitaries lined up to welcome the biggest murdoch of Arabia.

Zaytouneh historians reminisce that in its prime the highest VVIP rate in the district was 15LL. Even if you adjust that for inflation and the balloon exchange rate, these 15LL that used to get you the works in the early seventies aren't enough to tip the Valet today at what should more aptly be called the One Season.


Tarek said...

PURE... GENIUS... and it probably took you just 10 minutes to write! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't post this on Facebook J. Who knows what would have been the outcome. :)