Friday, November 04, 2005

From the Q & A Session

Just random things learned from yesterday’s parliamentary session

- A few years back a Palestinian gang from Ain El Helwe Refugee Camp killed 4 judges in Saida. The killers were on Motorcycles and shot down the judges as they left the courthouse. The punishment for the crime was: BANNING MOTORCYCLES IN SAIDA!
- A Lebanese fisherman disappeared last week. Israel returns his boat with bullet holes and blood traces but no body. The Lebanese Government action in this case was: Absolutely nothing.
- Two mouhafez (county manager) jobs are open and the government listed the vacancies in the newspaper. It turns out that’s unconstitutional, the jobs should be filled through nepotism or as partisan favors.
- There are a lot of missing Lebanese citizens between Syrian and Israeli jails/mass graves. It’s likely that these cases will never be resolved. Ditto for Moussa Sadr who vanished at Ghaddafi’s Tent in Libya. Then the MP’s played the “Name a Libyan other than Ghaddafi” game. Nobody won.
- Speaker of the Parliament/ Former War Criminal Nabih Berri flirted with Nayla Mouawad.
- All in all, about 10 MPs presented a question, about 10 others were absent, and the rest, over a hundred of them, just showed up because it was pay day.

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