Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Shit or Get off the Pot

The current ruling party is in unenviable position these days. Some tough decisions have to be made. Ever since Siniora took over there has been a wait and see approach on many of the critical issues facing the country. The wait was for the Truth. The Truth came and went and the situation only got tougher.

The toughest decision the Hariri camp has to make right now is who they are going to side with in the American attack on the Syria. They have to take a position and suffer its consequences and either position entails a whole lot of suffering.

Mehlis made it clear that for this investigation to reach conclusive evidence it will take months and even years. Waiting for the absolute Truth is not an option, the country can not be on hold for years. So that leaves the Hariri camp with three options.

The first is to assume Syrian guilt. Just openly state that they know the Assad regime killed Rafic Hariri and they will seek justice at any price. That would a courageous and righteous decision if they convince the Lebanese people of Assad’s guilt. Half the population will believe it just because Saad said it, but what about the other half? They will need more evidence and more time, and they don’t have either. Also siding with the Bush Regime against the Assad regime will cost Hariri a lot of support among his voters.

The second option is to forgive and forget. Walid Jumblatt did it when his father was assassinated, but he didn’t have other bills to pay. Not only would they have to stand with Syria knowing they might have Hariri’s blood on their hands, they are going to face American ire in doing so. Any financial help from Wolfowitz to jump start a dead economy will be just a dream, not to mention all the files that would be opened by the US against Lebanon.

The third choice is to step aside. Keep pursuing the Truth and justice for however long it takes, but not as representatives of the Lebanese people. Let someone else make the tough decisions and face the economic and political firestorm Lebanon is heading into. When the Truth is clear, Saad can come back bigger, badder, and stronger. He would come in as the savior, the hero that will clean up the mess left by a Mikati or Hoss government; that is unless they actually succeed.

The clock is ticking…

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