Monday, December 05, 2005

From Lebanon II

The Khazouk
I don't think I can craft an english phonetic spelling that would do the word justice.
(3 Syllables: Long Ha with a dry throat followed by Zoo followed by the sound combination of the letter K+a hiccup+choking on a chicken bone)

The Khazouk is one of the most powerful, versatile, graphic concepts in Lebanese folklore.

The word itself translates loosely to Butt-hole Ripper, but its significance reaches far beyond intestinal sado-masochistic pleasures.
Very few have actually experienced the Khazouk, but no one doubts its ability to inflict major anal damage.

The Khazouk is feared, revered, jeered, cheered; it depends on which side the Khazouk you are.

Just always remember the Khazouk you prepare today might end up up yours tomorrow.

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Ramzi said...

I think Khazouk is actually the origin of the term "pain in the ass".