Monday, December 12, 2005

Here We Go Again

Car Bomb in Baalbeck on Saturday, Blame Israel.
Assassination of Jibran Tuweini Today, Blame Syria.

The Poor, Innocent, Peace Loving Lebanese always stuck in the middle.


callipyge said...

Who do you think it is then? I agree that the Lebanese are not all poor little innocent victims, but, please!, be more explicit ;-)

Jamal said...

Who do I think it is?
That is the problem.
We have blast after blast, and we have to think who it is? I have to trust my thoughts on it, not knowing any facts.

Also, blame is a cancerous part of our culture, like the saying goes "كل الحق عل طليان" (It's all the Italians' fault).

It's nauseating.

I would like for once to hear our government (any government of ours, not blaming Siniora for this as this is historic phenomenon)tell us the truth which is:

We have major security breaches. The mukhabarat, Mossad, CIA,local thugs, Mozambiquans are roaming free in our country and causing trouble. We are helpless against that now, but we have a plan. It might take take 1,10, or 100 years. Here are the steps, and hold us accountable if we fail to implement.