Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For The Record

I have been to Damascus 5 times in my life. Once as a child and I do not recall meeting any Syrian officials. Twice as a young teen to renew my foreign passport and to travel through Damascus' airport because we had no access to the embassy in Lebanon and the Beirut International Airport at the time.

As an adult my flight from Beirut to Amsterdam landed in Damascus for a few minutes in 1999. I did not leave the plane. Finally, in winter of 2006 I spent a weekend as a tourist (fully equipped with a camera around my neck, short shorts, and high dark socks) at the infamous Sheraton which hosted thousands of visiting political pilgrims that frequented Damascus for their blessings. This was the closest I got to meeting with the Assads.

Just wanted to come clean in case I ever run for a Metni office.


Delirious said...

bisharafak min wein bitjibon! :D

apokraphyte said...

The jury is not unconvinced ... Please post high-socks pic at once ... :)

M Bashir said...

Once as a child and I do not recall meeting any Syrian officials.
This is suspicious. It was during this time that you were indoctrinated. You do not recall the meetings because you were made to forget. And this info is from very reliable source: MIB.

We will not refrain from using this info if you ever contemplate running for a Metni office.

Salem said...

What about Iran?

poshlemon said...

lol did you visit the Hamidiye souq in 2006?

Delirious said...

For the record, my Armenian friend who currently resides in Abu Dhabi told me on MSN yesterday very matter-of-factly "Yeah, someone's going to vote in my place today, as usual".
When I asked for whom, she replied "for Gemayel, of course".


Anonymous said...

Khaled: Be carefull, your visits may be considered as a part of an Iranian plan. You'd better visit Tel-Aviv to be a NON-TERRORIST.