Monday, December 04, 2006

Argileh, Cotton Candy, Dabke, Balloons,and Wiam Wahhab.

If anyone is counting on the Pro-National Unity Government protestors(known as Pro-Syrians in the American press) to get bored and go home, they better rethink their strategy as the entertainment options Downtown are never ending. (A new strategy might be to shoot at people to keep them from expressing themselves.) Some of the protestors are having more fun than they've ever had, even though they still haven't made it past the velvet rope at Buddha Bar and Asia. Kaak, Corn on the Cob, Concerts, Ice Cream Trucks, and Fortune tellers line up the open areas of Downtown Beirut. The opposition is prepared to squat for a long time. No one can question the Lebanese abilitites at squatting as only our southern neighbors can rival us in that department.

Meanwhile, the ruling coallition including those who constantly mock the notion of "Divinity" are getting religious, opening all channels of communications with God in their squatting bid. I wonder if Bassam Abu Zaid asked those at the Grand Serail mass for their IDs. I also wonder if Bassam Abu Zaid has previous experience asking for IDs. I'm not pointing any fingers....just wondering.

On a different front, Lebanon won its first medal in the ongoing Asian Games in the half-Lebanese, or is it one eighth Lebanese, city of Doha. I won't mention what event we medaled in because we don't need that reputation right now.

On a final note, does anyone know if London's Serious Fraud Office is available as a franchise?

UPDATE: Future TV's news ticker reports that the residents of the alley that runs behind the gas station deny that they denied Future TV's earlier claim that the above mentioned citizens denied Manar TV's ticker report that they denied the earlier Future news ticker item that they support the government.


Anonymous said...

"(A new strategy might be to shoot at people to keep them from expressing themselves.)"

That would be a good idea if we were the one who had the weapons.

Kodder said...

hehe nice update :P

apokraphyte said...

great post.

hashem said...

hmmm....shu heyyeh haydeh? el update I mean....:)

Charles Malik said...

Naharnet calls them pro-Syrians, man, as do all the 14 March forums.

I didn't get to party with the 14 March Tent City hippies. I was working too hard. I'm visiting Lebanon on vacation for the first time in a loooong time.

You want to head down there together for the cheapest argile you'll ever have in the downtown?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

maybe that gas station sells laughing gas.

Angry Anarchist said...

I'm going down there tomorrow ! Anyone who wants to join me more than welcome to. :-D I'm leaving from Hamra on foot at around 11-ish, yeah I'm in no rush to get there (the real reason is that I prefer walking to taking cab/taxi, but if you're not into walking we can hop into one that's certainly the more bourgeois way of doing things...). Are there usually lots of people there in the mornings / around noon or 1 to 2-ish?? I haven't been there since the 1st day. Gotta get me some cotton candy, corn, and so on. But chiefly I'm going for the songs (7ello 3anna, akbar nasr, ya ashraf al nas, etc.).. ahem.. I hope they would be playing them :-P if not I will hand them the CD to play it for me??!?

I just love the songs, don't shoot me. I know some "leftists" want to shoot me for being "pro-Syrian". Um. OK, off my soap box.

Eh, and where is Bob when we need him? :-D Ya Bob shou ra2yak we go down to sa7et el ... mu3arada together? I can feel you would love it.

Anonymous said...

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