Saturday, December 02, 2006

Little Tidbits

Sports and Youth Minister Ahmad Fatfat was a communist not so long ago. He was so staunchly anti-God that he refused to go into a mosque to pray after his faher's death. Yesterday he was right behind the Mufti in the Grand Seraille prayinng hard to keep his job.

When the time comes, Sleiman Frangieh will go down in history as the most entertaining president in the history of Lebanon. If we're going to have a useless president, he might as well be a vulgar clown.

Book Cooking Minister Jihad Azour said yesterday that Lebanon loses $70 Million a day because of the anti-government protests . That is a flat out lie. You don't need to be a finance whiz to find out that this number is grossly over exaggerated. (Lebanon's GDP is approximately $20 Billion. Imports are about $8 Billion. So for Azour's number to be close to being accurate, Lebanon's Consumption + Investments + Government Spending + Exports must be ZERO!! on every day the protests take place. ZERO means complete paralysis, people don't work, don't eat, don't drive, don't watch TV, just don't.)

The protest site is Downtown facing the Grand Seraille, all other forms of motorized and loud expression of stances whether for or against the government must be stopped. Oh, wait the ISF is too busy harrassing Sukleen workers. Seriously though, ISF is understaffed. 22,000 Policemen for the whole country is way below world averages, yet our crime rate is respectable. So we do have potential to be something special if we did things right for once.

Speaking of potential Gold, Lebanon Basketball plays Uzbekistan today in Doha's Asian games at 17:15 Beirut Time.


Raja said...

hey jamal i like your dr tea link of the week!

Raja said...

quite funny! btw, is this a new feature?

BOB said...

are u serious about fatfat???
him being a communist?

somehow i do not seem him as a communist...

Anonymous said...

Suleiman did later apologise saying that he meant tahammas not tahayyaj!

marie et fatima said...

must stop?? yes, SIR!

Angry Anarchist said...

Great, now they care about how much Lebanon loses? If they care so much let them repay the debt. AS IF they care about how the PEOPLE are doing.

Angry Anarchist said...

Sleiman Frangieh makes me laugh. He's such a ... clown. :D

linalone said...

Bob, I'm sure about Fatfat. As Jamal said, He had refused to enter the mosque at the death of his father saying that this is against his convictions. That's why I was quite surprised to watch him praying behind the mufti at the Grand Serail.

Lazarus said...

i don't know about the mosque incident, but it is true that fatfat was a communist.

as the saying goes: a communist in your twenties, and a capitalist in your forties.

- l.

sabha said...

and a tea hostess in your fifties.

bodhisattva said...

jamal, ure such a prick

keep them comming :)

Walid said...

So 70 million times 365 is about 25 million and this is more than the GDP, but doesnt the GDP already include imports and government expenditures and savings too? Confused, but keep up the good work.

Wait! what if we consider the rate at which the Hariri fortune is increasing as documented by "Forbes"? does that add up to 70 million per day?

hashem said...

come on Jamal....Fatfat was trying to prove that tea is "khamr al mou2meneen"
Did u see el emain in his face? On all the ministers faces...?
El Mufti has to be good!
BTW, I heard his son was there as well.....maybe a potential minister?

Amal said...

let's assume that he was a communist. Was this happened during him being a teeanager or in his early twenties???
As far as i know his dad died long long time ago and Dr. Fatfat performed pilgrimage (Hajj) with his mum and family 10 or 15 years ago. It's ashamed that we're Lebanese very good at wasting our time in criticising each others.

Leafless Eve said...

Well, Fatfat behaved normally... I would be angry at God too if he took one of my loved ones... Why should i pray to him?
But that's when i was young, and use to believe that God had something to do with it. Now, if something like this happens, I won't be angry, cause i freed God of this. My God, if he exists, is just there... he doesn't do anything.

Ba3dain, so what if he was a communist? Communism, in theory is great, especially to young idealists. In practice it's not. But so is everything else. Even Shari3a laws, in a utopian world, would be great. But they don't work in practice.

And as Amal said he went to Hajj with his family, so we don't know what his convictions are, maybe he was a non believer and then believed . Is it bad for a person to change there beliefs? must we all be born a certain way and stay that way? Why do we CARE?

Ofcourse he has to pray behind the mufti... Do u think that any politician in the Arab world dares to say that they are Atheists? Or that they don't believe in praying? Unfortunately, the Arab world, and most of the rest of the world, is not ready for politicians who don't believe in "God". The Mufti to most people, like the Batrak, is a political/religious figure. Most people can't separate between ethics and religion. An agnostic or an atheist is a heathen and therefore, un ethical, and devilish and in general a "Bad" person.
When Hizballa changes there leader from a Shaikh, to a regular politician, so that he's not deified, only then will the rest of the March 14th gang get rid of there shaikhs/priests.
Until then, we are ALL behind the mufti (wink wink)... mal batata bidda batata.