Monday, February 19, 2007


Only in the streets of Beirut do Cats strut their stuff and pose shamelessly for the camera lense...

... but then again it is February.


Maya@NYC said...

"strike a pose"! i love the cats of beirut: they own the place!

hillz said...

believe me. there is a community of cats living under the cars of tarik jdeedeh and ashrafieh(taweizon ta2ifeh). you can find the bitchy and innocent females cats (who usually wait for the meat from abou ahmad's hands) and the dakar and el maghloub 3al amro male cats.
It is another life we ar not aware of.
or maybe we notice it only in february, when evey under car becomes a sofa.

Angry Anarchist said...

loool 2al tawezon ta'efi.... :P

Wait, did I miss something ...?
Why, is February a special month for cats or something ?

hillz said...

بقولو عن شباط شهر التناسل. ركزي وتسمعي عالسيمفونيات من الخارج

Angry Anarchist said...

كنت عمبقرأ ردّك وفجأة بلّشت السيمفونيات.
بس بشهر شباط؟؟؟؟ يا حرام.
او ببلشوا بشباط وما بيوقفوا؟

When I was a kid I once asked my mom what those sounds were, and she said, it's a catfight. ;)