Friday, February 02, 2007

Loving Life one day at a time

Things in Beirut are now Calm. Beirut Calm, off course, which is not to ever be confused with serenity calm. "Now" must also be taken in the Beirut sense of the word. Now means literally Now. This moment. Now is different from... Now. We are living the "Live the Moment" cliche.

Short term planning has been reduced to spur of the moment decisions. Dinner tonight is a long term plan. Your reservations are a Tic-o-tac ticket. You might feast, but more likely you'll stay hungry. Too many variables could change between now, lunchtime, and then, dinner time.

While planning a weekend trip for next weekend would be considered too short a notice in most parts of the world, these days here it is called ambition. I aspire to watch the Superbowl sunday night. I have a dream ... of a Wednesday hump.

Next month? Next year? Are you fucking kidding me? That's the afterlife, you go on doing things as you see right and hope that in the end your faith won't let you down.

This chaotic life style is too much to handle for most normal people. But we always say that Lebanon is abnormal, I mean a Special little country.


Charles Malik said...

I want to watch the Superbowl, but don't get back until Sunday evening. Everyone else who would watch it with me is on the obligatory university break.
Where are you watching? Could I join you?

Delirious said...

Reminds me of this post:

And by the way, I was talking about the same restaurant ;)

Faith Walker said...

Hi Jamal,

I have no idea what is happening over at lovetolead- but i was really impressed with your article. It is such a shame you got knocked down so low!


Maya@NYC said...

number one of love to lead got disqualified! and anyway: it sucked!
i like this post! i still carry this uncertainty of tomorrow with me, even in the most predictable place on earth! (and good luck for wednesday):)

Tarek said...

im glad beirut has adopted the Zen spur of the moment lifestyle,

and we say we're not advancing :p

shame on you jamal for thinking that

Bashir said...

ummmmmm ehhhhhh mmmmm tayib mashe el hal.

raed said...

so true !