Monday, January 29, 2007

Voting a la Libanaise

Vote for me on Love To Lead.

Here I am 3 days into an online voting campaign and I'm already exhibiting typical Lebanese politician behavior. I'm becoming evil.

I've made tons of promises that I know I won't and can't possibly keep. I'm asking people to vote for me based on friendship and national pride regardless of whether they think my submitted article is good or bad. Actually I doubt many have even read it. I've hypocritically asking for support from people whom I usually evade. I'm buying votes with beer and other incentives; Cellphone recharge cards and gas coupons are still in the works. I'm using other people's tragedies to gain myself sympathy votes. By the way I've heard that if you vote that you liked my article it might lead you to a nude picture of Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie making out. I'm so blinded by winning that I wouldn't mind spending more than the laptop's worth just to win. My campaign managers are doing a great job, but please don't tell them their payment checks will bounce, I really appreciate their work. Where is Ghazi Kenaan when you need him, he would've gerrymandered me into an easy win.

In my defense though, it is an awesome looking laptop. It's Black AND White at the same time. Apple might have colors, but here we have the first example of e-racial harmony. It has a rotating screen! That means you can actually type while staring at the back of the screen. How uselessly cool is that? You can type a whole page, nay, a whole book that way and then "Ba'ousseee" you find out you were typing all this in wingding font.

With 4 days to go, I have not started a smear campaign against my foe yet. I haven't sank that low yet, but at the rate I'm going that might come tomorrow.


Vote for me on Love To Lead


Kodder said...

woohoo :P.
next you are pick your on date.
form your on riot.
gather millions of people in a square.
compete with the other two main parties with numbers.
pick an outside country to follow its commands.
and start heavy propaganda.
good luck :P

Tarek said...

this is a propaganda site afterall, its in the title,

what did we expect, socratic poetry on ethics, at least you're coherent with your title :p

Solomon2 said...

Free copies of Mao's Little Red Book with every vote?

The Dreamer said...

dude, it says only one vote per entry.
does that mean i'm only entitled to only one gas coupon?

Jamal said...

I'd like to thank everyone for your votes, keep them coming, you can vote once a day, so can your friends, relatives, coworkers, ancestors, etc.. as long as they have their own IP address.
It's really a tight vote, yesterday i slipped from first to third, but still got 3 days to make it up.

Don't forget, it's for a good cause, and it's tax deductible i think.

hashem said...

it's all for the sake of Lebanon, jamal...

Maya@NYC said...

i think i will vote (again) bas ta ma nesma3 na' ba'a! :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog ...
will you being excepting forgein aide? I am willing to donate beer to your cause.

apokraphyte said...

Good luck and dont forget to go viral.