Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Comments on a Normal Tuesday

I woke up to quieter than normal streets. Anyone who's been to Hamra knows what normal noise level is here; it's usually between Jet Engine level and a Fran Drescher shriek. So I turned on the TV to find a reporter on the streets of Beirut informing us how it is a normal day across town and how all roads and businesses are open. He sounded convincing except in the background you didn't see people or cars instead you saw a dark cloud of smoke. How could I possibly know the Truth of what is going on. I could switch the channel, this isn't Syria or Saudi Arabia or any other Arab country, we do have other non-state controlled and very free media (except for New TV which is not free because it is not protected by a militia).

So I switched the channel and at 8 am Samir Geagea was already declaring that the army and the security forces have failed at their jobs (accusations that were rapidly echoed by other Bristol troop figures) and unleashed his new generation of black clad thugs to take things into their own hands. So the army that had its arms full already with Lebanon's largest civil disobedience movement, now had the added burden of fending off thugs looking for trouble. I didn't like that scene so I switched back to the other TV station with which, as I found out yesterday, shares my habit of daydreaming and a hatred for Naser Qandil.

At the end of the chaotic day calm was restored. 3 people were dead and a hundred or so injured which is tragic; but given that the whole country( and not any country) was engulfed in street fights involving guns, I must say the army and the security forces did a commendable job. If riots of this scale broke out in any American city, the amount of deaths and injuries would have been multiple times more, not to mention the looting that would have hapened.

Kudos to the army and friends for doing a tremendous job at averting disaster, despite what some ungrateful bastards are promoting for narrow personal political gains.


hillz said...

yes yes yes. (regarding the army).

samir geagea with his orders to LFers (1 night before), proved that some people just never change.
Elie el haj (LF "journalsit") on elaph informed about the clashes between LFers and FMPers at 10 pm the night before. I am not kidding. bkerki is not happy at all.

and what is it about emphasizing on only beirut-action in the 14 march end-of-day declaration? did it turn to a narrow blue party?
as for qabbani the miracle baby, well sigh. allah yer7am lamma kein yefrok eedeih 2eddeim 7afez el asad.

and it was good to see that other people also have weapons not only HA.

but idiots will still be idiots. ignoring what happened is just idiocy. if the remaining of this government will continue as if nothing happened , and if they ignored that the country is split then they will be responsible for any further future escalation.

read the denial articles. evrything is calm, and "will of life wonj over will of death". shit. they are really high school students. or maybe younger..

What is "Occupation" said...


not once can you bring your self to say...

What is "Occupation" said...

If riots of this scale broke out in any American city, the amount of deaths and injuries would have been multiple times more, not to mention the looting that would have hapened.

well the last time riots like this broke out in lebanon it left 80,000 dead and hundreds of thousands of wounded..

Maybe there is hope that lebanon can control the iranians, opps strike that, syrians, opps strike that, palestinians, opps strike that, hezbollah, opps strike that, shia, opps strike that... control the "unnamed" protesters...

news reports that new "civil discord" is breaking out in the northern part of lebanon...


can we say "hezbollah"?

Anonymous said...

What is occupation,

Why don't u go comment on ur rapist president, and corrupted prime minister.

Lebanese on this blog:
1-Proud of our army
2-Samir Geagea the worst war criminal and terrorist, if he could have his way he would be more danderous than hitler, I pray he gets a cancer and rid us of his criminal existance.
3-hezbolla:propose another reform plan and we'll back you, chaos and death you are no better than geagea.
4-Siniora:we pay more taxes when you clean the administration, WE ARE FED UP OF FATTING THOSE UNCOMPETANT CORRUPTED BASTARDS

Solomon2 said...

If riots of this scale broke out in any American city, the amount of deaths and injuries would have been multiple times more, not to mention the looting that would have hapened.

Yes, you may be right. I didn't realize that until you pointed it out. Perhaps the army did a better job than generally realized after all.

The moral cost, of course, was accepting the principle that a large angry crowd has the right to threaten citizens' safety, destroy property, and damage people's livelihoods without being challenged.

I guess we'll know by the reaction of the "opposition" in the coming days and weeks as to whether the Army's response was the right thing or not. Would Lebanese citizens agree with this reasoning: If the opposition backs down, the response was correct; if they see it as weakness and continue to terrorize citizens, the Army didn't do enough?

Miss Mjaddara said...

Kudos for sure to the cute jayshis.
However, by far the greatest thanks should be given to Suklean, who are apparently the least secterian people in Lebanon.
They clean up after everyone regardless of religion and political leanings; Israelis, HA, LF, FPM, EDBTZ etc, and all the other idiots who willfuly destroy our country.
So thank you Suklean; thank you to all the Sri Lankans, Egyptians, and yes EVEN the Syrians.

vrai14mars said...

Fact: Among all bastards, Geagea is the only one who did time in jail (11 years). All others have some catching up to do. Forget about them now. We need a third way, away from dinosaurs and fossils.

Anonymous said...

I back up anonymous with everything he/she said.

Anonymous said...

hehe EDBTZ... I don't know which party this is. or its just sarcasm on purpose :P.
but EDBTZ spelled one letter at a time rocks :P.
miss mujadra nice one :P

Anonymous said...

oh bleh...just searched the EDBTZ thing, seems it what i thought it is...
but its very well know and a not lebanese political party.

rampurple said...

Just wanted to clear a point from this post: Most Arab countries have private, non-state controlled, free media.

Also, I am curious, who protects New TV?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how no one can see that the situation is getting worse each and every minute.

What happened on Tuesday was unacceptable! I don't care who you are, or what political background you come from, you DO NOT have the right to cut the country's main roads and prevent people from going to their work. And you can't go down and decide you want to open the road on your own. You want to protest, this is your right, but to prevent me from working, THIS IS UN ACCEPTABLE.

Should the army had done its work, insured that the main streets are open for people to use to get to their distinations, and prevented face-to-face confrontations, none of this madness conflicts would have happened.

Look what were the results, today, students started throwing stones on eachother, and they started making fire and destroying public and private properties, why is that? Because the army was just watching, and they can see that they can cause all the trouble they want to, and they won't get arrested!!!!!

It's not about taking sides, it's very simple; you have all the right to protest, as much as you don't deny your fellow citizen his/her right to go to his/her work. The army's main objective is to make sure that no one is casuing troubles. When you see people stuck in the streets, wanting to go to their work (or where ever they wanna go) but they can't because others are blocking the streets, it is the army's duty to insure that these people don't start killing eachother, and open the street.

As long as the army is NOT doing its job, tension between the two sides will rise, till we reach a point where poeple won't listen, and they will start taking things on their own. And this DANGEROUS, it means civil war.

I don't care what your religion, sect or poltical background is, when you cause troubles (burning tires,blocking the roads, damaging properties OR trying to open the roads on you own), you are to be arrested and put in jail. This is how you make people sure that they have an army that can control the situation, and that they don;t have to "create" their own security.