Tuesday, March 27, 2007


But then again we are shameless people. No shame in that. But I do not intend to comment on today's show nor tomorrow's road show. This is a review of the one man show that goes by the same name.

Rafiq Ali Ahmad's long awaited return has had some box office success which usually raises a red flag since I do not trust Lebanese theater goers' taste. Arsonists have stayed away from the stage though, which raised a few more questions. Did they deem the play unworthy of an attack? Did they migrate like everyone else? Did they leave the country in April 2005? Or did Mr. Ali Ahmad budge and let the terrorists win?


The dude is good. He is a brilliant performer and he showcases all his talents in this work. The casting job was excellent, and so was the overall production. But, and there's always a but with me, the script needed a little more work. He managed to combine too many personal anecdotes with too many clichés. He also took a light approach in various parts were he could have upped the oomph a bit.

If you've already seen Little Miss Sunshine then you don't have any other movies worth watching this year, so go out and check one of the plays around town. I saw Jorsa at Monnot Theater, but it has since moved to a Russian thingie on a French battleground. Other Jorsas can be witnessed daily on your favorite newscast.


Liliane said...

I was thinking of checking out this play with my brother... I guess after this review I have more motivation. And I guess in Lebanon and especially Lebanese plays, clichés are a must, ma byekhla el amer.

Bashir said...


is little sunshine that good?