Monday, March 19, 2007


Ever since Taef, Lebanon has been divided into a Holy trinity; each side with its "own" issues and aspirations. Today, we are promised a triangular solution to please all but does it really solve anything?

The Tribunal
The tribunal has been marketed as the solution to the country’s security ills. Many people have bought the story and turned it into their cause. I will not delve into the Saatchi & Saatchi drawing boards that have successfully turned a questionable entity half a world away and which is yet to take shape into a national priority, but I will ask: does the international tribunal deserve to be the top priority for the part of Lebanese calling for it? What is in it for them? The most they can hope for is that by achieving a personal aim of the zaimship some good would trickle down to them in one way or another.

The Third
Veto power in return of not obstructing the Government’s economic “vision,” will likely be the deal. Sure the third would guarantee the official government stance would not officially sellout the accomplishments of decades of struggle, but it cannot and will not stop the national “partners” from continuing to conspire against these accomplishments openly albeit unofficially. In return, the price to pay will continue hitting the pockets of those most needy, and that have fought the most for this third, the hardest.

Election Law
The election law will guarantee that a third portion of the Lebanese will be able to select their representatives. Shortsightedness plagues this vision of what would really protect their interests. Each group of Lebanese picking their own representatives based on traditional and sectarian loyalties will only continue the trend of polarization that started pre-1975 and a collision between the factions will always be a threat. To protect current or future minorities one must eliminate the “minority” label. That can only be done by equalizing everyone. Each individual citizen must be treated as such in all rights and duties. The Kaza is the safe haven du jour but what happens when it becomes the “casa”. To break the ever shrinking imaginary borders of safe haven, a national outlook must be adopted that will force “everyone” to reach out of their walls. But that action must be pursued today, because today “everyone” is still a minority and must reach out to others. But in the future that might not be the case and if past trends continue someone might not need to reach out anymore and the any hope of the emergence of One Lebanon will evaporate.

A sectarian solution will come at the expense of the sects and the country. The solution does not address any of the people’s priorities. Security, jobs, economy, sovereignty, education, defense, hospitalization, services, corruption, etc… are issues that affect everyone equally and do not discriminate against sides in an imaginary triangle. But as most people would tell you,يحلّوها و يحلوا عنا. People are tired and need a break and they’ll settle for just about anything at this stage, and the proposed solution is just that… anything.

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