Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Counting Intellectuals

It's 4 am, and I can't sleep. An old trick that I know is to count sheep, but I've been living in a city for so long that I forgot what they look like. I do remember that they often come in herds and they make unintelligible noises.
There are no sheep in Beirut but I have witnessed a group of people that made unintelligible noises recently. It was right here in Hamra at something called Homeworks. They kept calling themselves "intellectuals." I wonder if they have the same effect.
Hazem Saghiyeh
Wissam Saadeh
Houssam Itani
Hazem Al Amin
Bashar Haydar
Rabih Mroueh
Jalal Toufic
Emily Jacir
Marwan Rechmaoui
Kamal Aljafari
Zeina Maasri
Khalil Rabah
Joana Hadji-Thomas
Khalil Joreige
Wael Shawky
Bernard Khoury
Hazzzem Saghiyeh


nightS said...

I think I know one of these people, I recognized a name! Bass I still didn't understand, :$ what did they do?

Anonymous said...

How about your idol As'ad Abou-Khalil (the Modesto clown otherwise known as "angry arab") ? Does he visit you in your dreams as well ?

fatat filasteeniyya said...

i gotta go with layal on this one, wass goin on exacltly??

is this an inside joke?

i like emily jacir's sister's film, "like twenty impossibles."

Tantalus said...

People didn't realize you fell asleep counting the pretend-intellectuals of the Lebanese societe.

That was funny, man. These wannabe artistes really deserve a thrashing.

Anything for a good night's sleep, no?

bech said...

your post is just excellent...

Delirious said...

Whahahahahaha!!! :D

Marianna said...

lol your writing is great!!