Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who's your daddy?

I perfectly understand why a group of people chose to erect large posters of Abdallah Al Saud all over town. The "others" have posters of Khamenei up. So the only logical match would be the Servant King of Islam's Holiest places; a feat that certainly trumps Supreme leadership of a revolution in terms of Holy brownie points. What I don't get though is the timing. Why now? The only thing I could think of, is that this has to do with the absolutely successful and/or completely failed Arab summit is Damascus; a message to Assad to show him who's the Half-Man. Nah, I'm sure a King would be over this more than a year after the fact and wouldn't let a mere word get to him. CNN did call him a history maker after all. CNN called me "a blogger" once; I'm telling you, these people have an amazing nose for accurate labeling.

I was watching the Egyptian equivelant to CNN sunday night. The host was going to extraordinary lengths to tell us that Sunday was an ordinary day. He went on and on explaining how traffic was ordinary, schools had ordinary attendance, hospitals did an ordinary number of nose jobs, and football games had the same number of unspectacular goals scored as any other ordinary day. See here being the inquisitive guy I am, I grew suspicious. Why would anyone be so adamantly bragging about the ordinariness of a day? Well, because they wish it was.

The day was so out of the ordinary that our own Siniora was summoned to Cairo on Sunday. His experience in ignoring protesting citizens would surely come in handy in times like these. Sure, neither the Lebanese opposition is as courageous nor that Lebanese government is as oppressive as their Egyptian counterparts. After all,the so-called-opposition in this country is still to this day begging for "partnership". You are one ugly, evil, money hungry, conniving bastard, will you marry me?

On a final note, the money witness in the Hariri assassination investigation has disappeared. It might just be a witness protection move. In any case, this blog has received exclusive footage from the international tribunal in the land of legal hos and weed. Enjoy the show.


quasimodo (check me out) said...

Is it true that the Saudi king is a...
Wait a minute... How can anyone seriously think of themselves as a king, king over other humans? Is he demented or something? Does his feces actually emit perfumed odors, or does it not emit perfumed odors but he has convinced himself that it does, or does he know that his feces does not emit perfumed odors but he still pretends to be superior than his human subjects? I don't get it. How does he think? How has he convinced himself of this idea of his own royalty? Isn't this mode of thinking counterproductive to the advancement of democracy, progressiveness, humanism, transcendentalism, futurism, and space travel in the region?

I just don't get it. Can anyone ask him for me? Oh, and before I forget, is it true that the Saudi king is a lush?

adiamondinsunlight said...

We've been wondering about the posters, too - the first one we noticed was the one in Raouche/Caracas, about a month ago, with Abdullah and Saad.

We've also noticed a small poster of Abdullah alone that went up in parts of Qoreitem/Concorde in early March.

all very interesting ...!

Anonymous said...

what a stupid comment...consider the progress made in the short period he became king. It is a monarchy, and you can't change that over night. And why is your criticism directed at him and not all monarchies?