Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blue Helmets and Black Turbans

On the eve of the "Divine" victory rally, there are several asking "Where to?" Since it's pretty clear to everybody that we're not "there" yet.

Let me start south of the Litani on the frontlines with Israel. UNSC 1701 is starting to look like a bizarro Cairo Accord. Allow troops from all over the world, it's preferably the light skinned ones outnumber the darker complexions, to turn South Lebanon into a stage where they can "protect Israel's right to exist" and prove to the world that they are not anti-semitic and have no Hitler genes whatsover. Today's Unifil is a baby blue helmeted PLO with guns pointing north instead of south. Well, come to think of it the original PLO's guns also pointed north instead of south. Freedom, sovereignty, Never Mind. While the ambiguity of Unifil's role is of concern, I personally think they are just here for show. While I don't question Europe's genuine love for Israel, I doubt they are willing to administer Qana III for them. They should start leaving come February. So for the southern Lailas looking for blue-eyed Romeos, Hook'em Fast!

North of the Litani, on the always entertaining Lebanese political scene, we are due for action. The first voices after the war were those who where screaming that they shouldn't be accused of treason. Why would anyone with a clear conscience be concerned with this issue? Hmmm. Anyways, these people were and will always be irrelevant tools, so let's talk about the more relevant free people. The Siniora government will not be overthrown, not now at least. It is protected from "El Diablo" himself. (Sorry Cowboy John, I know I shouldn't be taking this comic book approach to dealing with international policy. Destructive wars, bloody invasions, and violent occupations are the way to go.) However back to Lebanon, Hezbollah owes it to his supporters and allies to stand up to the Bristol troop. But how? They can not pull out of the cabinet because they do not trust the ruling majority with all the power and they can't overthrow it. So their only option is to press for a national unity government. Boring. If you thought the current crew has been impotent wait til you see the National unity jambalaya. Well, at least it'll be more entertaining when you have Fatfat and Frangieh in the same room.


hillz said...

waiting to see the majority's reaction of Israel's wazzani sucking. A very probabale solution to solve it will be:
"please Condie. Can you tell them to stop?"

jamal,I was waiting for a post about "el bergheh".

What is "Occupation" said...


You confused me...

i would think you'd like the fact that Lebonese troops are now able to go into the south for the 1st time in what 30 years?

The old UNIFIL was at the minimum a major factor in helping hezbollah kidnap israelis, shooting rockets and providing cover for them. Now that the new force is there will there be any changes? You sound like you think it's a we love Israel party... and yet NONE of them say they will disarm Hezbollah. So really what has changed?

What is "Occupation" said...

news update from the UN

the Prez of Iran just stated that he does NOTHING in Lebanon to interfere with it's internal politics.

wow.. i am sooo relieved

M said...

Oh Jamal. When will you start including something constructive in your posts? I think you're wasting some of your talent for lack of pragmatism.

Hamze said...


regardless of what "what is the occupation" says. I think your fear of the UNIFEL is legitimate. I have posed a blog about that earlier. I also have a moral concern with 15,000 men suddenly dropping into the south.

and "what is the occupation", I might be glad for the existence of the Lebanese troops in the south "after 30 years".. But, boyyyyy, I feel so safe. To be honest, I fear for their lives.

And Hilal,
Just like you, I would like to see Mr Saniora, the Lion-heart of Political front, waving his Sword to get us back the water. (he might just give her a hug and a smooch on the cheek)….

What is "Occupation" said...

well hezbollah if nothing if it;s not a iranian thug group, i dare say lebonese troops and unifil sure wont be attacking israel to kidnap troops.

the problem still is and was hezbollah, they are there for their own reasons not lebanon.

it's funny how in the arab world anything in the name of anti-israel even if it means swallowing poison.

lebanon COULD have had peace with israel years ago, as could have the palestinians or the syrians, but it aint an all or nothing thing...

hezbollah/iran doesnt want a settlement

JoseyWales said...


I am no fan of the coward visionless gvmnt.

That said, I recall you and Hezbo-types screaming for Bush/Blair to stop Israel during the July war.

How is that different from "Condi do something?"

Is consistency too much to ask of you.

What is "Occupation" said...


i thought hezbollah won a historic war against israel?

G-d has given the islamic world a victory over the failed zionist project, right now as we speak israelis are afraid of round two, after all hezbollah killed almost 155 israelis (a full 1/3 were arabs, but i guess they would have gladly died for allah so should we even count them?)

If and when hezbollah starts round two and starts firing rockets again or kidnapping more zionists will israel defeated again?

Such a victory I dont know if lebanon could survive?

we have a saying (about hezbollah, syria & iran) with friends like this who needs enemies...

What is "Occupation" said...

small point

israel did not want a ceasefire, lebanon, hezbollah, europe, the arab world did..

so again, how was that victory parade?

Lots of shiny new yellow tee shirts i saw...

is the arab world so easy as to think because they get new tee shirts they are victorious?

EDB said...

Hey Jamal,

You're my lifeblood here these days. What's your read on the rally and what the Sayyid said? I assume you were there, snapping photos from the advantageous height of 6' 3'', or whatever your towering size is.

You were right/ I was wrong about his making an appearance. He wasn't sweating more than usual either... I guess the Israelis really don't want a next round quite yet, since they didn't attack the rally like they previously said they would. What's your opinion on that matter, oh wise bigot, "What is occupation/personal hygiene"? Why didn't your silly clown of a leader order an attack on Hassan Nasrallah at the rally?
For internal reasons or because Anaconda, you're slavemaster, told him not to? Surely not because lots of people might die... that's never stopped you before

Charles Malik said...

I miss Kodder's comments.