Monday, September 11, 2006

Cluster Bombed

I've been away for a few days not because I have nothing to comment but because I have too many things that I wanted to talk about that I didn't know where to start. I'll just vent a little now, but I'll have a more level headed analysis in the future.

At this moment Prime Minister Lame Duck is meeting with Prime Minister Lame Duck in the Grand Seray. I wonder what they're quacking about. They are probably comparing golf vacation plans. Meanwhile, south of our border Prime Minister Lame Duck is still in denial. What can one do to get job security in this world?

On another front, if you are "pretty", "rich", or "smart" and you are secure about it would you go around announcing to everyone your virtues? So why does the ruling majority in Lebanon feel the need to keep reminding everyone that they are the majority.

I see Hezbollah targeted the Bristol gathering with a batch of Katyushas a couple of days ago. To Hezbollah I say, Stop teasing the people. You've been using these empty threats for over a year now and every time these supposed "thieves" bend and give you what you want, you turn a blind eye to all the looting. You are either against corruption or you are a partner in it. You are either against the government or you are part of it. You can not have the damning evidence you speak of and sleep on it for political gains. Stop talking off both sides of your mouth, state your position, and stick to it.

As for my contribution to the ongoing media smear campaign against Aoun, hmmm, what hasn't been used yet? Digging up picture with IDF, done. Calling him senile, done. Questioning his Maronitism, done. Syrian Mukhabarat accusations, done. Sold his soul for the presidency, done. Abou Ali Aoun, done. Party hand symbol resembles gun slinging, done. Well, it seems I can't add anything to this campaign, our fair and balanced media has got it all covered.

Enough for now...


Charles Malik said...

Funny you should note Hezbollah's eagerness to claim their virtue, but their perpetual willingness to let anything and everything go, as long as they get what they want.

It's the same thing for the 14 March Gathering.

The problem is, this strategy doesn't work for very long.

In the end, what does Hezbollah want? To keep it's weapons and take control of the government.

In the end, what does 14 March want? The overthrow of the Assad regime through the Hariri investigation, and to take control of the government.

The core problem is still there, and their minor motivations work at cross purposes.

JoseyWales said...

Good post Jam,

I like the line about corruption charges.

HA and others. It's never: x is corrupt, get rid of him.

It's always: I know about corruption and ONE OF THESE DAYS (which never comes) I'll say who it is.

bodhisattva said...

get one person to talk ya 3ammeh and its like dominoes ;)

hmmmm, who to start my vooodoo with

jumblatt? franjieh? berri? lahoud? gmayel(s)? murr? hariri?

it's between jumblatt and franjieh i guess, maybe they could start together

shoo ya jamal, any ideas

dov_81 said...