Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blog Blog Blog

Note: I have a gun to my head as I write this.

I went to a Lebanese bloggers meeting yesterday. Not knowing what to expect, I had come up with a beautifully clever excuse to escape early. Fortunately I didn't have to use it. Unfortunately I did not get to show it off, but I'm sure there will be another occasion for that.

With a long table setup the meeting broke up into mini meetings, but I was strategically located in the middle so I could eavesdrop on all talks. Here's what I learned. Roughly half the bloggers blog because they are forced to by a mysterious someone (The same someone that has the gun to my head). There are no stories to tell about Vietnam, at least not for free. Twins aren't necessarily related. AUB is a popular choice for higher education. The waiter only comes once. People would rather watch a monkey for 3 hours than a local flick. One person at the table had more traffic on his blog than the rest of the table combined. Times 20. 3 to 1 male to female ratio offically qualifies the event as a sausage fest.

I think I forgot to thank the organizers of the meeting, oh well, next time.


Eve said...

Come on! we "innocently" asked you to :) anyway, it was great meeting you & we'll see about that excuse mister ;)

Delirious said...

Gun? what gun?? I don't see no gun! :P

Joumana said...

A gun to your head and my arm twisted -- quite the peace lovers, neh?

a h m a d said...

beautifully clever excuse to escape early

I might need something like that in a business meeting, is this execuse for sale? :)