Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Scary Crowd

I caught a glimpse of today's protests against U.S. Interference in Lebanese affairs. That scene was scary.
Not because thousands, maybe tens of thousands i didn't really count, of youth were telling the World's biggest power, who isn't hesitant to show its power, to fuck off. Rather because these were college students and only a fraction of the total college student population of Lebanon.

Last time I checked the papers for jobs i saw probably 1 or 2 jobs listed for recent college grads.

So that gives us a job seekers to jobs available ratio of tens of thousands to one.



Anonymous said...

You say it's scary, i say it's PATHETIC!!

Eve said...

btw, you have been tagged! :)

Jamal said...

Tagged, huh?

we'll see about that?

Eve said...

Oh, you just have to answer a few questions- no bullet in head included :p (no, i'm not tired of that line yet ;) )
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