Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cuban Butts

I was watching Israeli TV this morning. Sorry, I meant Zionist Terrorist Evil Enemy TV. They had this cheesy variety show much like most the shows on Lebanese TV(speaking of, I think I will write something soon about the concept of TV talent and how it hasn't made it to this region) . For some reason the host was dressed like McBurglar, but that is not the point. They had a dance group performing to the tune of "Dime Si Son Latinos". The scene reminded me of the time I went to a Ruben Blades concert in Brussells and witnessed the Belgians attempt to Salsa. It was like watching a cripple fight; funny as hell but sad.
Europeans, Asians, North Americans, basically all White people have to realize that they need to stick to head bobbing. Anatomically, they were not built to shake their butts. It took centuries of evolution for the Cuban Butt to come along, so white man's tries to cheat science are arrogant and silly. But they are funny to watch, so play that funky music white boy.

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Fouad said...

I don't think it's evolution, I think it's intelligent design :)