Thursday, January 19, 2006

Freedom of Blog

I thought that by having my own personal blog, I was free to write anything I want to. That was the case for a month maybe, then I was forced to write a thing or two, no biggie. Now I got "tagged" with a worst habits post. I don't want to piss off the blog gods so I will comply, but I don't like where this is heading (عندي هواجس) . Soon the state police will force me to praise the government, or some corporation will buy my words (I am open to this idea by the way, I'll even call the Big Mac a culinary delight for the right price.)

So Worst Habits huh? I guess some self criticism is healthy.

1. I have no sense of money. I am not a material girl in a material world. It makes thing really inconvenient for me, since not many people are willing to accept barter deals. Then again maybe my nudes don't hold much bartering value.

2. I can not hold a job. My attention span is 3.5 seconds, so there is no way I can sit 40+ hours a week doing something, unless it's eating but that's #3. The worst part of it is that I tried hard to get fired at my last job, and I failed. I sat there for 3 months without doing a thing of value to the company other than my pleasant presence and that was enough for them to pay me.

3. I eat until there is no more food. Of course I leave nothing in my plate so the kids in Ethiopia don't starve. That's normal, even humanitarian. My vice , however, is that I don't stop when I'm full or the plate is empty, if there is something slightly edible within reach I will devour it even if I'm painfully stuffed. Doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, and it is not a once a month PMS deal. Which takes me to #4.

4. The ever Elusive Monday. I will start a regular workout routine on Monday. Diet on Monday. Monday I will shower.

5. I can't waste time on things that I know how they are gonna end up. Knowledge is satisfying enough for me. How do I know? It's a gift, I get visions, I know everything in advance. Everything.

I guess I have to tag someone now.

Boutros Boutros Ghali.


Eve said...

Freedom? who says there's no freedom? I have the gun; I say there is freedom!

(yalla, give it up ba2a :) )

Delirious said...

To me, every day is a Monday :D

a h m a d said...

Your "Monday" reminds me of my plan to "start jogging"... but then I just keep it on my ToDo list... :)

nour said...

mmm, reminds me of me!!!
i never manage my xpenses, Dec'05 i planned to start Managing them starting 2006.
LOL it got worse!!!!