Sunday, January 15, 2006


I want Freedom
I want Sovereignty
I want Independence.
I want Jobs.
I want Security.
I want a good Steak.
I want transparency.
I want democracy.
I want One Strong Army.
I want no mini lawless states in the country.
I want no racism.
I want no sexism.
I want no corruption.
I want Olympic Gold.
I want a fair electoral system.
I want equality.
I want clean air.
I want schools.
I want justice.
I want health care.
I want social security.
I want civil marriage.
I want to party.
I want safe roads.
I want greenery.
I want workers' rights.
I want cheap gas.
I want to sing.
I want an ice cold beer.
Most importantly, I want it all for free because I love my country and I wave a flag.


Delirious said...


I want all these things too!

Where do we buy them from?

[ j i m m y ] said...

- if you want to party like in amsterdam, well, there is only one palce for that. Beirut: 200 meters from Sodeco square towards Down Town: the place is called "Element". (and they don't sance salsa there!)

- if you want a good steak, you've gotta try L'entrecote in downtown Beirut. Or le Rageneau.

- as for the remaining items you want... please tell me where to find them, once you do.

(oh and for the ice cold beer: move your ass and go buy one.
i'm in Khartoum this week: alcohol, food, education, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, music, culture, books, love, sex and justice are all prohibited. see the heaven in which you're living?)

Jamal said...

Do you want to have sex in Sudan?

[ j i m m y ] said...

girls are gorgeousssss in here.
check this out.

nour said...
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nour said...

aren't these wishes common for all of us?

Well, i guess ur last statement says it all about the reason we never had them!!