Sunday, January 29, 2006

Denmark in the News!

The controversial Danish caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad (prayed God upon him and saluted) are offensively bad, offensively unfunny, offensively childish (sort of like what I just said) . That is exactly why they are not worth all the fuss.

It reminds me of Salman Rushdie. Had it not been for all the death calls he got, no one would've looked at his book. It's dull, boring text with no nudity. It couldn't sell 3 copies if it wasn't for all the marketing the islamic governments did on its behalf.

So while the Danish Government is rightfully defending freedom of expression, the offended need to remember they have the freedom to ignore and stop reading that specific newspaper. There are other, more interesting publications in the world that they should look at.

By the way, South Park regularly makes fun of the Super Best Friends:Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Buddha, and Krishna. So we should all boycott Colorado, or Blame Canada.


Lazarus said...

just blame canada :)

Anonymous said...

J Check this site :