Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No Confidence

A motion of no confidence is usually the way out of a governmental deadlock like we have in Lebanon. Even Vanuatu figured out how to use this democratic tool in 2004. Usually it's the opposition that shows no confidence in the government and that might be enough to replace the government or call for an early election.
However, what happens when the majority of the members of the government show no confidence in the government?
Yes, only in my special country does a ruling coalition show no confidence in ... itself.
I have called for the government to shit or get off the pot before, but a lot of things have happened since then and I don't think you can find anyone that would label these events as positive. Enough shitting, just get off the pot.

First of all, the orange opposition has clearly and loudly voiced their NO CONFIDENCE in the government.
On to Hezboamalallah. Their 5 ministers decided to go on a prolonged paid vacation. Nice gig, but I'm pretty sure it counts as NO CONFIDENCE.
Yesterday, former ID card killer* MP Antoine Zahra (who happens to claim that he graduated from Harrington University in London) admitted that the Lebanese Forces are conducting military exercises in the Arz region. His rationale was that they were training individuals to protect LF Don Samir Geagea and LBC Headquarters. I'm not gonna ask how artillery practice protects you from possible car bombs which are the biggest threat in Lebanon these day, but this clearly shows that the LF have NO CONFIDENCE in the government to protect them. By the way they happen to be part of the government.
Then there is Future Corporation, the holding company that counts the government as one of its assets. CEO Saad Hariri has showed so much confidence in his investment that he hasn't set foot in Beirut since this government took over. He'd rather spend his time in Saudi Arabia!!! Saudi Arabia!!! If that isn't NO CONFIDENCE I don't know what is.

Government is not a trophy! It's responsibility. 5 million people worth of responsibility.

* ID card Killers: prominent during the Lebanese civil** war. ID Card killers used to stop and shoot people on the spot if they happened to be of the wrong sect.

**Civil: uncivil, savage, barbaric, primitive, inhuman, vicious, atrocious, and boorish.


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