Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Modern Transparent Democracy

We know more about Star Academy contestants than Presidents.

We have 24 live video of a slumber party, but no evidence of closed door meetings that decide the world's fate.

We get to see Leyla from Morocco eat breakfast in her pajamas with puss in her eyes, but we only get to see our leaders once a month, with make up on, reading carefully scripted propaganda.

We put aspiring showgirls/boys into a rigorous 4 month series of tests to see who stands out, while we hire PR and marketing machines to cover our political aspirer's faults and highlight/ invent their merits.

We vote off a bad singer with the press of a button from home anytime of the day, but we have to wait years, then wait in line for hours, then put up with incompetent government workers to vote off someone that's stealing our money.

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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Well said Jamal:

Faux sheikh Saad Al-Hariri and his collaborationist cum gangster corner (May Chidiac’s LBC, Future TV, Al-Nahar & Co.) have succeeded in building a “new Lebanon” revolving around Star Academy and a Saudi-friendly government where even the Prime Minister is a veteran employee of dad’s Riyadh-based construction conzern, Saudi Oger SAL.

In a remarkably short period of time, Lebanon has become an Arabian banana republic where the hapless admirers of Haifa Wehbe and the hateful disciples of Wahhabism reign supreme…

In many ways, it’s kind of King Fahd’s dream come true: a welcoming Potemkin bordello where complacent belly dancers and Saudi-appointed ministers will always do a generous sheikh’s bidding.

Ah if only pesky kill-joys such as Michel Aoun and Hezbollah could stop their futile rear-guard attacks on the glorious March 14 courtiers, everything would surely be cool and dandy again under the Beirut sun!!