Thursday, April 20, 2006

From Lebanon 10

The April Tan

As soon as temperatures creep above freezing level, it becomes officially "Bronzage" season in Lebanon.

It's time to even out the body with the face which is already tanned from Ski season. The number one complaint heard around town is," Uff, Why don't beaches open before May!?"

Closed beach club gates only pushes the Lebanese brain to be more innovative. Alternatives are private pools, roof tops, and some hotels that cater to the early birds. Some, however, risk it all. In pursuit of skin color in April they are willing to commit the biggest sin of them all: Going to the Saint Balesh Beach! Shou Sauvage.

Oh, and when I say a tan, I mean a Lebanese tan which is complete pruning of the skin.

Spring traditions in Lebanon: birds chirping, green and flowers all around, and no pale skin.


tsk tsk said...

Speaking of looks, someone ought to tell Tom Cruise that naming his daughter a Suri (that's the name he picked for her) is going to make him lose alot of fans in Lebanon. What was the guy thinking, bringing into this world another Suri!!!!! That poor kid.

Hassan said...

Got my early tan in the Rest House in Tyr on Saturday morning. Suddenly the skies were clowdy and it even rained on the way to Beirut! Five days later and there is no tan! Moral of the story: Early tan is rarely retained.

RAT said...

c mon premier passage, g bien aime

Anonymous said...

Why does this post ring a bell? it sounds like a conversation one of my girlfriends had with me a week ago?
hehehehehehe, but it's true

And Hassan, 3 weeks ago we went hiking... believe me i am still tanned!

Anonymous said...

they will all suffer from skin cancer sooner or later! why are they all so tan-obsessed?! and they will get very wrinkled soon.
they should use a face covering for skiing (like people who ski in europe wear against the cold)...
why not returning to the previous ideal of beauty: preserving pale skin and reject this unhealthy 20th century fashion.