Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The President

Friday is the deadline for discussing the President, although I have a feeling the annoying Daily "Vote for the Next President" SMS will never cease.
What started modestly with a "Fill!" evolved into pots and pans. Then came the One Million Lebanese signatures(1500LL= 1$). The climax was Adel Imam's " Baddi Fatiftak". The sky was the limit, but instead we got an abrupt end to the show. Suddenly Lahoud's approval rating is double that of George W. Bush and he's looking forward to a re-election campaign.

So let's look ahead to the Fall 2007 Candidates (in order of likelihood to win):

General Aoun: The Secular one will be President because of the Secular way the Sunnis select the Prime Minister and the Shiites select Berri.

Riad Salameh: The Middle Man. Boring choice, but money would just be paper without his signature.

Anti-Syrian Boutros Harb: If the Parliamentarian majority decides to go ahead and pick one of theirs to spite the Feb.6th paper signees.

Pro-Syrian Boutros Harb: Even when he was on top of the world he kept kissing Syrian ass. The man never burns bridges, cuts ropes, unpaves roads, rolls carpets, pulls up ladders,.....

General Lahoud: Crazier things have happened.

Naseeb Lahoud: Can he overcome the fact that he got less votes than Pippo Gemayel in the parliamentary elections? That's just embarrassing.

Sleiman Frangieh: Will go down as the most entertaining president in the History of Lebanon, but will most likely have to wait till 2013.

Edmond Naim: Hey, we all thought Lahoud was dead a month ago and he definitely has more of a chance than the next group of candidates.

Rober Ghanem, Chibli Mallat, Doctor Samir Geagea, Nayla Mouawad, Pierre Hashash, Pippo Gemayel, Nemo Gemayel.


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