Saturday, April 01, 2006


I'm relaying this message I just got, please forward it and see you there.


They surprised us this morning by tearing down the last trees remaining in Ras Beirut, a sanctuary of life and nature. We urge you to stand firm against this crime

Residents from the neighborhood are calling for a protest act.
Please stand by us, show up in front of the main gate of the old Saudi Embassy opposite Mike hairdresser, Bliss Street, Ras Beirut TOMORROW April 2nd, at 10AM although they may start their chainsaws earlier.

Save out trees that are over 100 years old

Please circulate this message immediately as widely as you can

Residents of the neighborhood

ساعدونا الآن
لنحمي الشجرات الباقية في منطقة بلس في رأس بيروت

تألمنا صباح يوم السبت لسماع المناشير التي تقطع الشجرات القديمة في رأس بيروت .

نناشدكم للتضامن معنا للاحتجاج على العمل ، وحماية الشجرات الباقية من قطعها .

الوقت: يوم الأحد 2 نيسان 2006 م الساعة العاشرة صباحاً (علما بإمكانية بدء قطع الشجر قبل ذلك) .

المكان: أمام باب السفارة السعودية القديمة (مقابل مايك الحلاق)
شارع بلس ، رأس بيروت .

نرجو إبلاغ أكبر عدد ممكن من الناس .

سكان الحي


Why said...

Why are they cutting the trees?

[ j i m m y ] said...

jamal, they did the same thing to a dozen of century old trees in dora. the trees were seperating the two ways on the highway (facing mercedes dealer).

result: not a fucking soul said a fucking word !!!!
some of my friends did not even notice the difference with or without the trees.

when the people is pathetically ignorant, stupid and lax, you shouldn't expect more from the government that is ruling it. fucking pathetic place.

أمل said...

I'm afraid it was too late when I saw that message ..

How did things go? Did the human wall save the poor good ol' trees?

And did you find the bright side of Green Peace, Jamal?

Jamal said...

Greenpeace said they can't do anything because they have limited resources.

NewTV promised to show up though.

I'm not sure what happened, i wasn't able to make it (had to work then and been at work since).

It was raining hard this morning so i doubt the cutters showed up.

Angry Anarchist said...

they did the same thing to a dozen of century old trees in dora.
Yes, and I hear they're gonna cut down the remaining ones...