Monday, April 17, 2006

Step By Step

First came the No Parking signs and the Street Closures. That was only a small price to pay for security.

Then came 24 hours a day eyes in the sky of Beirut. Again, if you have nothing to hide you should not fear having your every move recorded.

Then came the threat of getting shot if you go up on the roof wihout a permit. I just pray that my satellite TV does not lose signal during one of my Hurricanes' games because I will risk my life to get the signal back.

Today I saw new No Photography signs all over the street. This is just Useless and Silly in the age of camera phones and Google Earth.

So what is next?


how come said...

These are the same rules they have at Las Vegas hotels but it's to give people pricacy in case they want to have too much fun, What is the reason they are doing it in Lebanon? Especially the no photography signs. I don't understand that last one.

Candide's Notebooks said...

Jamal... what's with the eye in the sky business? Are you telling me that the FSI can afford buzzing chopper patrols?pt

Anonymous said...

where are the no photo signs?

Lazarus said...

the no photography issue (around certain areas) has been there for some time - although they didn't have signs before!!!

Anonymous said...

Primo felicidades por tu blog, finally lo encontre, keep it going man, esta muy bueno, saluda a Beirut de mi parte, y ojala nos veamos pronto...Inshalla
Imad W. (Panama)

Jamal said...

CN- The eyes are CCTV cameras all over the streets. Oh and no it's not the ISF, it is the private security team of (fill in the blank depends on where in town you are).

The No Photo signs I saw are along Emile Eddeh street although I'm sure there are other places that have them.

Imad-Que paso con "Vamos a salir por un trago"? La proxima no te escapas, me lo debes.

LebaneseFlagBurner said...

The cameras are quite delicate so all you need is a pair of stockings (probably on sale now since the cold season is over) and a baseball bat or some similar contraption. If the ISF show up, then it can come in very handy.

"Terror is only justice: prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country." (Robespierre)

Taurus1958 said...

yes Sir, as long as doesn't devour itself that is!!!