Monday, April 03, 2006

Lebanese Sausage Fest - Day 17

Elie Skaff is still courageously sacrificing 3 hours out of his week for the salvation of Lebanon. Where would this country be without the heroics of men like Skaff?

Skaff also visited Lahoud on Friday and they discussed the Republic.

Apathy and boredom reign by now. Summer season is right around the corner though, and that should provide the people and the government much needed distraction. After the festivals and a sexy tan, the people will find themselves paying more taxes, more for gas , more for bread, not getting anything in return for their late night SMS binge to get on that annoying New TV game show, and most likely still owing $40 billion.

That's what Sausage Fest- Day 117 and Beirut II will be for.


JoseyWales said...

The Arabs are very lucky people.

Remember when years ago a plane fell from the sky in Libya? All 5 people on board died, except for Arafat? It was a sign from God that his people (who rejoiced) deserved 10 more years of his shit.

Skaff is another lucky break, this time for the Lebs.

Apparently his mother left Joseph Skaff and took baby Elie and disappearded for years in New Zealand under an assumed name. (TRUE)

His father searched for years, and lucky break for all of us, found him, Elie came back to Lebanon, Elie decided to return to his roots, and the rest is more (lucky) history...

lucky us said...

and isnt' Elie Skaff married to a Taouk which makes him related to Sitrida Geagea, who is married to Geagea who is then related to Elie Skaff? Ring around the rosy, atchoum, atchoum, we all fall down!