Friday, April 07, 2006

The Week in Review

Thursday: The Great display of Statesmanship and Responsibility.

Friday: The opposition steps up its attack on the Government and asks for things that really matter. Abdul Rahim Mrad was seen smiling for the first time in over a year.

Saturday: The opposition attack intensifies asking for accountability and an end to corruption. On a side note, only the party of the omnipresent can manage to be in the government and in the opposition at the same time.

Sunday: It turns out the opposition demands where an April fool's joke. Why would they want corruption to end when they can always use this corruption fighting threat to get their way?

Monday: The National Dialoguers decide 3 hours a week is way too much. They decided they will meet 3 hours a month instead.

Tuesday: Wiam Wahhab forms the Loud Empty Talk Party.

Wednesday: The Cabinet meets amicably to discuss the economic "reform" plan. By Reform they mean a cosmetic patch up job to incur more debt and impoverish the people more. Raising taxes and selling off property is not reform. Cutting off the people at the bottom of the government job pyramid scheme will not be a great source of income for the country. Ok, I'll stop here. More ranting on this subject in the Future.

Thursday: Bush's approval ratings hit a new low, but he continues to be supported by a group of religious fanatics. Sounds Familiar?

Friday: Emile Rahme, President of the Tadamon Party, appears on TV. Which leads us to the question of the week:How many official political parties are there right now in Lebanon? How about now? .... and Now?


hillz said...

min halla2 la khallis elcomment... ma bta3rif yimkin ykoonoh zeido ela7zeib wel tejamoo3at wel jabaheit.. w allak wakeelak killon wa6aniyyin! 6ab iza killon wa6aniyyin leih bi7o66oooha la kilmeit elwa6aneh wel wa6aniyyeh?? yimkin la2anno sheyfin ghayron manno wa6aneh??
ya dara dooory feeena!

Bashir said...

Who will be the supreme president of the Kata2eb Party in the year 2026?

Mo said...

Oh i think we should add l Wataneh to the leftist left party.
it would become the PLLP, ya this would be cool
maybe we should ask the supreme president first

Oh, and it would be Pierre Amin then Nadim Bashir ...