Saturday, April 08, 2006

Iraq and Palestine-Israelovina

I avoid talking about these regional hotspots because I don't want to beat a dead horse around the bushes or something like that, but I'll make an exception today.

First of all, Sharon is stil shitting himself.

Less importantly, the world's democracy lovers are shitting on Palestinians for practicing democracy. Ironic isn't it? Not only are they strapping the democratically elected government financially, but Israel has stepped up its oh-so-accurate "targeted killings" campaign. They are so smart and precise that they can locate, convict, and execute terrorists without disrupting the peaceful lives of regular citizens(The one positive in this process is it eliminates the need for lawyers), yet not smart enough to figure out a strategy that sniffs a peaceful solution.

It really really sucks though to be PLO/Fatah, PFLP, Islamic Jihad, etc.... right now. Not only did they lose the elections, but Israel is making them pay for it to incite them against Hamas. Another smart move, but not very peace loving.

The choice is clear for the Palis. Next time you either elect a submissive puppet we like or live peacefully without the evils of money or lawyers.

On to Iraq...

I keep hearing Iraq is "on the verge" of civil war. On the verge. Yess, so the best is yet to come. I must admit I'm impressed with these Al Qaeda dudes. For primitve tent dwellers they have a sophisticated organizational chart, digital multimedia technology, complex untrackable logistics, and an unending supply chain of (a.) TNT and (b.) idiots willing to strap (a.) to themselves. When I lived in South America I thought swallowing cocaine-filled condoms was idiotic. Simple Latinos! They got nothing on Arabs.

Seriously though, there is no question Iran is playing a major role in trying to control Iraq today. Also there is no question the majority of the suicide bombers are coming from Saudi Arabia(better known in US media as Syria).
The question is:
Is Saudi Arabia dumping those Lunatics in Iraq:
a.) to get rid of them so they don't have to deal with them.
b.) unwillingly because they have no control of the border.
c.) to turn Iraq into an Iran-Saudi battlefield, a la Lebanon's Syria-Israel "Civil" war.
d.) What Iraq war? Mission Accomplished.


frencheagle said...

u should i guess focus on the switch of alliance:
the US are switching from a saudian alliance to a iraqi alliance to understand their policy.
however during this time of course we re having a destabilisation of iraq.
the second thing is that iraq will be fighting 2 antagonisms
arab vs persian
sunnit vs shiit

how this switch is reflected on lebanon and syria?
saudia is trying to secure its influence by using syria and to do this they need to use lebanon as a political leverage

Bashir said...

Very well said!

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...
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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Dear Jamie,

Re: Europe’ decision to cut funding and sever ties with the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority, I’m not sure this is a durable paradigmatic shift in the EU’s Middle-Eastern policy…
At least I hope not.

At this (early) stage, this looks more like a token alignment of Brussels with TeX-Aviv: it shouldn’t last very long… if the prudish Gaza strippers don’t overreact e.g. say by starting to issue some anti-Euro fatwas.
These bearded Salafi zealots are capable of the worst kind of dogmatic jingoistic gesticulation: in that, as in many other aspects, they are the ideological brothers in arms of the Neocons and of the Israeli far right!

In the long run, I think Europe might be tempted to retract into a “splendidly isolationist” stance to avoid being caught in the bloody Amerikka vs. Ummah crossfire.

Re: Iraq, you say: “seriously though, there is no question Iran is playing a major role in trying to control Iraq today. Also there is no question the majority of the suicide bombers are coming from Saudi Arabia- better known in US media as Syria”
Probably your best witticism since the end of spring break- not that I’m still in prep school or something but I find US College time markers to be the best inasmuch as they follow the ubber-heathen cycle of seasons, at a time when most of humankind seems to be drifting back towards medieval forms of monotheism...

Israeli said...

I do agree with many things you said, but you seem to forget one thing- these attacks on Gaza are because of missiles that are shot evry several hours from Gaza on Israel. Israel has no legal power on Gaza. How do you expect them to be brought to court, exactly? maybe voluntarily??
Yes, it IS brutal to do these executions. Yet it is against brutal actions that are done ON PURPOSE against civilians.
It seems that everything we hear from the arab side is "ilegal...not fair...". I wonder- when you countrie's organisations try to kidnap soldiers [or succeed], is that "legal"? and do they use lawyers? I don't think so..

Jamal said...

Israeli- which takes us to the reason Israel "disengaged" from Gaza in the first place. Now they have a carte blanche to take out the militants without the guilt of collateral damage. I also think this has nothing to do with the rockets but more with cornering Hamas internally. I'm not a fan of Hamas at all and i think this will only make them stronger. I think the Olmert/Sharon strategy is all wrong and will put the region further away from peace.

I will do a piece on Hezbollah today or tomorrow, check it out.

Freedom / Down with Apartheid Israel said...

Israeli - what about the missile strike on the soccer field, were the Palestinians launching "missiles" (ahem, Qassams are hardly missiles in the current sense of the word) from there?

Israeli said...

So why shooting those
I said I agree with most of the things he has said, but don't expect me to fall on my knees for Israeli attacks while the other side is celebrating every civilian getting killed in Israel.
And, yes, apparently they were. They don't care to use civilians as protection for their shootings and then to cry and blame the occupation.

Freedom / Down with Apartheid Israel said...

Shooting those Qassams because Gaza is still practically under occupation. Shooting Qassams because Israelis are starving Gazans. Shooting Qassams because practically 99.99% of the "1967 Palestine" is under occupation. Shooting Qassams because Israelis are oblivious to the suffering of Palestinians. Shooting Qassams because... oh, I could write a list that would extend from here (Mount Lebanon) to occupied Palestine. But I won't, because I don't have that much time.

Down with Israeli apartheid. (Down with borders, for that matter).

Freedom / Down with Apartheid Israel said...

Oh, by the way, you're wrong, the soccer field was not being used for launching Qassams. :) I mean, you underestimate the intelligence of your enemies. Who in their right mind would launch Qassams from an all-open soccer field? The answer is: no one! You (Israelis) underestimate your enemies' intelligence and you underestimate the intelligence of the international community (but you've been more successful at fooling the latter).

Israeli said...

Well, well
So- good luck shooting your Qassams. I'm sure it will be good for your goal [getting all Israel?]. I can REALLY see that hapenning.

Jamal said...

just my 2 cents,
1. Random shelling or suicide bombers arent gonna get palis anywhere, and definitely won't attract any sympathy to their cause.
2. Israel will never be able to force the palis into submission,not with a wall, and not with f-16s

It' been 60 years already, it's about time to looks into alternatives.

Freedom / Down with Apartheid Israel said...

Oh PLEASE. Let's not start with Jewish victimization stories that you Israelis LOVE SO MUCH, eh? No one is planning on "getting all Israel". To justify Israeli mass murder and ethnic cleansing by pointing to some Jewish victimization narratives is to have no conscience at all. Not that I think leftist Israelis (if any exist) have any conscience either.

Jamal - the Palestinians haven't struck with a suicide bomber in Israel for the past I don't know how many months, and none of their Qassams has killed anyone, AGAIN for the past I don't know how many months. And what do the Palestinians get? No, let's say it like it is: suicide bombers or no suicide bombers, the Palestinians won't get anywhere, because the Israelis want "peace" on their own terms (i.e. everything)! Remember that had the Palestinians been silent, had they not fought back with Qassams and - yes - suicide bombers, Gaza would still be terrorized by a bunch of gun-toting spoiled Americans who claim the land they have not set foot on for 2000 years is... theirs. Not that Gaza is not terrorized after the disneygagement (sic). Of course it is, but compare it to how the Golan was annexed and you will see what I mean.

Israeli said...

I couldn't read all you said, but as a matter of fact you are the one victimizing yourself. I don't know what is your goal [that's why I added "?"] but I know that Qassams won't get any peace, and I also know that when there's no peace the Palestinian side suffers more than us. So...go figure your conclusions.
You always expect Israel to make efforts for peace- maybe the other side can try, instead of threatning stupidly every day through TV...

Israeli said...

And BTW, the Qassams DID KILL people- what you said is a pure lie.

Freedom / Down with Apartheid Israel said...

I know that Qassams won't get any peace
Never said it will. The argument that weapons (in the hands of anyone, Jew, Arab, Muslim, Israel, Hamas, Palestinians, etc.) would bring peace is fallacious. At any rate, it wasn't peace that started the Qassams. It was an all-out war against the Palestinians, disposessing them of their lands and property, and ethnically cleansing them, all in the name of getting a "homeland" for the Jews (or "returning" to "Eretz Israel").

When there's "peace" (i.e. a reference to pre-intifada years) the Palestinian side suffers, and you don't. After 2000, the Palestinians suffered and you did too. You're asking the Palestinians to choose suffering without striking back at your heart, where it hurts you most. Otherwise you would be living a luxurious life (as you used to), oblivious of the suffering of the others. "Out of sight, out of mind".

Oh, and you are wrong, the Qassams launched in recent days did not kill anyone. What Israel is doing now is not a "response" to these, as you so desperately try to make it look like. The soccer field was deliberately targeted (ever wonder why the strike was exactly in the middle of the field?), and the Palestinians are deliberately being starved. You and your kind are committing a genocide.

Anyway, I don't want to continue this "discussion" on Jamal's blog. We can discuss this on my blog if you want (and if not, then it's your choice).

Israeli said...

I have no wishes to convince you- you can think whatever you want [anyway, you don't listen and don't try to understand the other side].